4 comments on “Alice Goodwin Strips Video!”

  1. IvanLeTerrible says:

    Bitch had her tits reduced? Too bad, now shes useless for us alphas. I’ll let you betas take whats left of her, all cuz Im a nice nigga.

  2. pharoahegypt says:

    Your grammar is nearly as poor as your moral compass if off kilter, Ivan…! Alice is way too good for niggas anyhow, so we’ll happily keep her as a play thing, while you all fight over the Kardashian Clan, sorry, family… lol.

  3. JA says:

    You’re 3-4 years behind the times, she had the huge implants removed in lieu of the smaller ones a LONG time ago…

  4. scooter says:

    She still has fakes but smaller. She never going bottomless so she boring, same ol same old.

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