7 comments on “Alice Brookes Strip in the Desert!”

  1. BeerMan says:

    Nice body! Nice tits!

  2. RandomGuy says:

    Those are some good tits on this ugly whore!!

  3. Drake84 says:

    @randomguy not sure what drugs your on she isn’t ugly

    1. RandomGuy says:

      Damn boy, you got some low ass standards. Typical internet loser who doesn’t get out in the real and get women.

  4. NotSoRandom says:

    @RandomGuy: What’s with the hostility? i’m sure you’re dating miss universe and having intercourse with hollywood actresses daily, so why are you still visiting boob blogs when you can have the finest of specimens in the real world such as you eloquently described. in the mean time stop putting down the rest of us common folk.

    1. RandomGuy says:

      Stfu you simp!!!!! Guaranteed my woman would shame you and yours.

  5. zombie says:

    Oh shit, we got a tough guy here…

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