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8 comments on “Abigail Ratchford in a Skin Tight Dress!”

  1. Answerman says:


  2. Joe says:

    “Pudgy”? Are you kidding me? Lucy fucking Collett is pudgy to say the least. Ratchford is perfect!

  3. Csynn says:

    She continues to be boring. Some potential there, yes, but so far just boring.

  4. Very nice now where are her nude pics?

  5. Joe says:

    Yah she’s got big tits, big fake tits more than likely. And above average looks….but guess what. So do a lot of women who are way better than this bitch. Lindsay Pelas is way hotter and she’s gotten completely naked as well. I’ve had enough of this cock tease cunt Abigail. Send the cunt packing. Her 15 are up.

  6. not relevant says:


    Calm down. Words like “bitch” “cock tease” “cunt” along with the rest of your comments makes me think you’re a fucking mental patient or a rapist in the waiting.

    It’s just some pictures dude. No one is forcing you to look.

  7. Clive Williams says:

    😍 It does look like she is getting a little pudgy, but all it would take for her to slim down would be a good workout partner, ideally some high metabolism guy like me with a super high sex drive who can fuck her brains out for hours and hours and make her cum so hard and cum so much that her metabolic rate rises through the roof and burns lots of fat cells as I whip her into tip top shape!
    And if her tits are fake I really don’t care – I would love to fuck her tits and cum all over her face!

  8. Hotgirllover says:

    She is do hot she keeps draining me

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