9 comments on “A 19-Year Old Sofia Vergara!”

  1. Jack Spratt says:


  2. gonzoboy says:

    she’s hot but clearly not as big as Sofia

  3. gonzoboy says:

    btw what’s her name ?

  4. john doe says:

    tits or GTFO

  5. supersevenn says:

    she is STILL one of the hottest women around….and these 2 bone heads above me still dont get who the picture is lol

  6. bob says:

    THIS is the woman I remember watching on Univision in the mid 90s. She’s still smoking hot now but damn. The US audience had to wait 20 yrs to get her. At least she’s still very hot.

    And those 2 guys who answered first… lol.

  7. Jason says:

    Damn shame she never showed those boobs – I remember jerking off to her when she was on mexican tv show called fuera de serie – she use to wear bikinis all the time, it was a great show.

  8. BigBoobsLover says:

    This girl is not Sofia but pretty and nice. =)

  9. ... says:

    ^^^ google image search ‘sofia vergara tits see through’ and you’ll find a photo from about 6 years ago when she posed in a see-through shirt. that’s the closest she’s ever gotten to showing her tits

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