5 comments on “Zuzana Drabinova”

  1. FoOkDoOsLe says:

    There’s a nice little clip! Personally, I think she looks better with her hair like this than the platinum blonde she often sports.

  2. Edward says:

    She looked better in the “Raylene Strips” video. She was gorgeous there. Her tits will be incredible no matter what…at least for another five years.

  3. Master Orion says:

    DANG!!!! What I’d give to rub my body up against hers!!

  4. gown666 says:

    Niklas, I’ve been visiting this site for over a year and a half now, and that is definitely the best video to ever be posted on here! Good work!

  5. Master Orion says:

    ur a tough man gown, cos id bust a nut if i tried to pick favorites!!!

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