12 comments on “I Bet You Can’t Reach That Bar! .. … TeeHee”

  1. CygnusX1 says:

    Her name is Kelsey Berneray.
    I generally don’t like girls with big tats, but her smile, tits, and attitude more than make up for it.

    she’s hot

    1. Don P says:

      Roger that.

    2. Shmoo_usn says:

      Agreed. Piercings (in addition to excessive ink) are typically a turn-off, but there’s just something so vivacious/captivating about this girl. She has the absolute perfect figure, not rail-thin….not overweight (right on the money!).

    3. OH Dear says:

      Unfortunately Kelsey has only done a few photo shoots since 2017. Would like to see her do much more.

  2. mikeroyne says:

    tatts & piercings are fucking stupid & tacky. this broad is very expressive & stacked though

    1. derp says:

      Not as stupid & tacky as your constant retarded bitching.

      1. Mikeroyne Gargles Cum says:

        HEY! @derp you might be onto something with mikeroyne and retarded bitching.

        It’s usually women suffering with chronic PMS that continually nag and moan about the same thing over and over.

        whether mikeroyne is actually female is debatable but thing is very obvious, – he is a giant retarded constant bitching girls blouse.

      2. Don P says:

        Roger that too.

    2. Iron Balls McGinty says:

      Why don’t you do the PC millennial thing? Make a sign about stupid & tacky ink and protest in front of a tat shop, ranting on it like you do here. It’d be pretty cool to turn on the news to watch a couple of big biker dudes punting you up and down the street.

      1. mikeroyne says:

        biker dudes? tat shops are full of either degenerate junkies/miscreants or empty headed poseurs with skinny jeans, man buns who appear anemic. i think i will be just fine

        1. Iron Balls McGinty says:

          Maybe a couple of pro athlrtes then. Nah, yer too much of a pussy for a face to face with anybody. “Empty headed poseurs” describes you quite well, don’t you think?

  3. Zorken says:

    Of course, she HAD tonruin those FUCKING PERFECT TITS with those stupid piercings..

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