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Best Bukkake: The Porn Genre That Shaped a Generation

10/10 would cringe again. The best of the worst and wildest porn to be found on the web, all with the less than humble bukkake backstory.

Since the advent of internet, people have been finding weird and wild ways to push their sexual boundaries and skirt the laws of decency as well as physics. They’ve also made sure that these coital acrobatics are brought straight to your desktop. Whether you’re watching for legitimate fap material, or you’re just interested in the “wow! How is that even legal” factor, porn, much like the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park, has “found a way” to inspire and alienate an entirely new generation of web crawlers. Largely thanks to the bukkake brainchild of the east.

Bukkake began as a loophole in response to strict indecency laws. Set out by Japan, a country in which junk shots were strictly forbidden, bukkake found a way to give viewers the pleasure of seeing pleasure, while still abiding by the rules. “Currently, the best bukkake porn is almost not bukkake at all” says a spokesperson for the cum covered website Premium Bukkake. “The original genre was created to fight oppressive laws, but it has been expanded on in a thousand different ways. Creating new and exciting genres, which have easily given us some of the best porn available today.” While the term “best porn” is definitely subjective- what’s come of the humble bukkake is without question something to behold. Even if only for educative purposes and shock value.

So, of course, we had to ask this mysterious mouthpiece of the mother of all bukkake websites to give us his top five best bukkake inspired porn genres of 2019. Let’s just say he rained down knowledge like a… well, you get the idea.

Three’s a Crowd

Ah, the illustrious gangbang. Although considered a porn classic, gangbangs have definitely taken more than just one lesson from the best bukkake out there. Gang bangs are generally comprised of three or more individuals engaging in the horizontal tango. They have also made tracks for the newly notorious DP (double penetration), where our leading lady gets her needs filled in more than just one way… bukkake makes the dramatic exit here as most contemporary gangbangs end up showering the star with more than just praise at the end of the film. Giving her a standing OH-vation.

Get Kraken

Besides bukkake, there was another creative way to get around strict laws regarding what can and can’t be shown in Eastern pornography: That’s right, we’re Tako about tentacle porn. Tentacle porn is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of scantily clad, buxom ladies being ravaged by the blurred out baston of the male member, they instead were depicted being defiled by tentacles, usually wielded by monsters or sea creatures. Traditionally, tentacle porn was hand drawn and depicted in Japanese pornographic cartoons known as Hentai. However recently, this genre has really come into its own, world wide. With live kraken action making its way into more traditional fetish niches like cosplay porn and furries. Not to worry though- most tentacles are just creatively forged dildos, and no octopussies are harmed in the making of these videos.

Drink up

So because even the best bukkake obviously doesn’t take the genre far enough down the rabbit hole, Japan has clapped back in the name of extreme fetishists everywhere by giving us Gokkun. Gokkun is a Japanese born offshoot of Bukkake where, instead of being covered in the tidal wave of man gravy, the gents quite thoughtful jerk their juice into a cup. Which is then handed to the lady in question and demurely devoured by our heroin. While it might be more than most can stomach, at least it gets it out of our hair.

Got Milk?

Milking porn is perhaps the closest descendent in the “six degrees of Bukkake” that our gracious host has given us. Also known as lactation porn, milking is championed by the newly minted mothers who have so much more to give to this world than just a child. Swollen breasts all but capsize the willing participants, covering themselves and their partner in mothers milk. Giving us a whole new perspective on the term udder MILF.

Risk it For a Biscuit

So while the “soggy biscuit” game may be well known to wayward British youths as some sort of horrifying pisstake, bukkake and online porn giants have brought this crazy race to the bottom into our reality. In prime form, this bukkake-esque pastime depicts several men jerking it onto a cookie. Deviating from the norm, however the winner of this freshly iced delicacy is not the last dude to come to the party, but a sexy little ragamuffin with an appetite for destruction.

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Intimate Revelations of 3 London Escorts About Their Lives

Make no mistake about it – the services of West London escorts are in record demand. Not just in London, but across the United Kingdom in general. Nevertheless, the vast majority of people continue to view the entire sector with suspicion.

But would this still be the case if they actually took the time to get to know it a little better? Or for that matter, spoke to a handful of escort girls in West London to find out what it’s really like to work as an escort?

To shine at least a little light on the subject, we reached out to three high-end escorts from three different regions in the UK. We posed a series of questions to each of the three girls we contacted – a few highlights of which you’ll find outlined below:

Can you talk us through a typical day in your life?
Bridget, 21, Brighton

A typical day? What’s one of those? Honestly, I can’t think of any day I’ve had in at least the last year or so I’d call typical. Or normal. But that’s exactly how I like it.

I’m totally in charge of my own schedule, so I can take off whichever days I like and do whatever I want with. On a working day, I could be at a business breakfast with a client at 7am, a seaside lunch mid-afternoon and out on the town later on. I could also just be making one or two house-calls, or meeting clients in hotel rooms for an hour or two.

I couldn’t cope with 9-to-5 office work and believe me, I tried. It just wasn’t for me. Some people look down on escorts, but I only do what I do because I love it. Boredom is a foreign concept to me, and I try to look at every day as a new adventure.

An adventure I’ve no way of predicting, but I know will be a lot of fun anyway!

What surprised you most about the job when you first started?
Melany, 22, West London

Without any shadow of doubt, the differences in requests and expectations from one client to the next. I signed with an established escort agency in West London when I started out, so I’ve never been short of work. I get to choose which jobs I take and which clients I’m willing to meet, so I’ve never been too far out of my comfort zone.

Although the ‘variety’ of requests really is something else. Some clients just want to talk, others want to watch. I’ve even had guys who’ve proceeded to dress in women’s clothing, slap a ton of makeup onto their faces and ask me to call them ‘Judy’ or whatever. It’s not my place to judge, but I do sometimes struggle not to laugh out loud!

My whole career to date has been one long sociological revelation about people in general. They’re weirder than you’d ever believe and always full of surprises!

If you could give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?
Paula, 20, Bristol

That’s easy – set up with decent agency you can trust, rather than going it alone. Originally advertised for clients the old-fashioned way (flyers, cards etc) but I soon found it was a sure-fire way of attracting outright nutters. I ended up in a couple of near-dangerous situations and that’s what motivated me to join up with an agency.

It’s a decision I’ve never regretted. For some reason, I expected agencies to be seedy and self-serving. And the last thing I wanted was a pimp telling me what to do and taking a huge cut of my cash. It wasn’t like that at all. I’m totally my own boss still, but I’ve got the support of a bunch of people who know exactly what they’re doing.

What would you say to those who criticize escort services?
Bridget, 21, Brighton

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! Seriously – it’s not fair to judge or accuse escorts of this and that if you’ve never actually been with one. Or spoken to one.

My job makes people happy, makes me a decent amount of money and gives me plenty of time to enjoy my life. It’s 100% safe and 100% my choice. They can criticize all the like, but it’s me that will be laughing when I retire within the next 10 years and never have to work again.

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Sex Toys That Stimulate Your Nipples

Far too often people become preoccupied with the erogenous zones found below the belt and completely neglect to think about reaching orgasm as a full body experience.

The nipples should absolutely not be cast aside as a source of unspeakable pleasure. They can be licked, sucked, and stimulated with the fingers to great effect. In fact, there is actually a small subset of women who absolutely need some sort of nipple play to reach orgasm. Yes, you read that right, there’s such thing as a nipple orgasm. The nipples can be fickle though, they appreciate certain types of stimulation far more than others. So sometimes some sex toys need to be employed to maximize the amount of fun in the bedroom that can come with nipple play.

Wondering exactly what I’m talking about? Let me get to the point:

Nipple Clamps

The simplest way to add some nipple fun in the bedroom is with the addition of nipple clamps. Nipple clamps provide constant stimulation to the nipples and play with the blood flow of the surrounding area. What’s great about the blood flow restriction is that once you’ve removed the clamps the nipples will begin to resensitize which creates a wave of sensation that’s wholly irresistible.

Sonic Toys

What’s next up on the chopping block, you might ask? Well, these toys have a bit of a futuristic flair to them, you might be surprised at how they work. Instead of working through vibrations or physical touch, these toys fire sonic waves directly out of their nozzles to penetrate deep into tissue and stimulate nerve endings deep underneath the skin. The Lelo Sona is a perfect example of one of these toys, and there’s also an unexpected side effect from sonic toys. When placed closely to the skin, there tends to be a suction-like effect. If placed on the nipples, this means that there will be a tight seal between the toy and the skin which is pleasurable in and of itself, all while sonic waves are going deep into the nipple tissue. It’s probably one of the most accessible and heavy hitting nipple stimulation options out there.

Bullet Vibrators

Not only for the clitoris, bullet vibrators can also shine when used on other parts of the body. Of course you can assume I’m now going to talk about how they can be used on the nipples, and you’re absolutely right. Using these tiny vibrators almost like a stylus to slowly tease the nipples by running it in just about every direction imagination works wonders for building tension as well as distributing pleasure. They come in a myriad of shapes to boot, so the possibilities are quite vast.

Nipple Erectors

A nipple that’s large and puffed out is a lot easier to deal with than one that’s shy and in hiding. Nipple erectors are fairly simple sex toys that just involve a rubber bulb attached to a nipple-sized end piece that fits snugly over the nipple. When the bulb is pressed in, put on the nipple and subsequently released it forces blood flow to the area and the suction also gives the nipples no choice but to stand at attention. With a good pair of nipple erectors you can increase how sensitive the nipples are in a matter of seconds as opposed to minutes.


As they say, necessity is the mother of all invention and that’s why we have so many different ways to give the nipple exactly what it needs. There’s a common perception that nipple play between couples is a selfish act, as in it is solely to satisfy the male obsession with breasts, this is far from the truth in practice. The nipples are an erogenous zone that should get the attention they deserve, it can really get a man’s motor running as well as push a woman over the edge and into orgasm territory. Have fun out there!

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Mr. Skin

How Sexy are Bikini Tan Lines?

When it comes to porn, we all love seeing a gorgeous woman with a perfect tan. After all, she has put in the effort to give her skin a sexy glow. Either that or she has invested a fair amount of money into a vat of self-tan or into a personalised tanning bed. However, sometimes the lady in question may not perfectly tanned as upon the first inspection. Instead of holding a uniform colour, they may purposefully keep their breasts covered in a bikini so that they hold stark tanning lines. That means their breasts, and sometimes even their asses, are left a completely different skin shade to the rest of their bodies.

The main question that should be considered is how sexy do these tan lines actually look? If you were going to meet up with a beautiful woman would you mind that she has purposefully left her breasts untanned? Well, those are some ideas that we are going to explore below.

The Tan Tattoo

Now, before we jump into what Bikini Tanlines actually can do for the breast, it is important that we discuss what creates a sexy tan line. Yes, ladies everywhere can indulge in simply putting on a bikini and relaxing out in the sun for a while. But, if they are looking to create a real fashion statement, some women go a step further. Whether they go outside to relax, or they just use a spray tanning method, they will leave shapes on their breasts, or other parts of their bodies, to leave a pattern or a mark, also known as “tan tattoos.” These tend to be in the shape of hearts, suns or stars, but others try to include lips, the Playboy brand or even a pair of lips.

Whilst some women will only go for a tan tattoo if it is on their arm, leg, stomach or back, others who are feeling a little more adventurous, or just decided to tan too long in a bikini, may opt for their tan tattoo to actually go entirely around the areola or just the breast in general. They may be utilised by pornstars, strippers or adult companions, usually, people who are interested in making their bodies look interesting or unique.

Emphasising the Full Package

One of the sexiest things about bikini tan lines on the breast is how they actually highlight the chest as a whole. For instance, if you went to see one of many Birmingham Escorts, and you saw a tan line of a heart drawn around her breasts, your eyes would be instantly glued to her chest. Whether she is flat or extremely curvy, it would be extremely hard to pull yourself away from trying to take in the shape. Even if they are just bikini tan lines, they will allow you to appreciate their shape and size.

Emphasising the Point

Not only can Bikini tan lines highlight the beauty of a pair of breasts as a whole, but they can also highlight some of the sexier parts, such as the nipple. Even if the tan line is just a small triangle or a circle, if it is either tanned or pale around the nipple as a whole, you will find that your gaze is more attracted to it. This may lead you to appreciate them a little more than you may have previously if that is even possible!


Whilst some people may find tan lines to be a bit trashy, especially if the person ends up looking like BBQ pork with a painful sunburn, should the person have a very subtle set of bikini tan lines, then this can give almost an almost lacey patterning to the skin. This can look extremely sensual like the person is wearing something extremely minimal that can instinctively catch the eye. Even if the bikini tan line is nothing mo
re than an accident due to a lacey dress on a hot summers day, it can leave a seriously sexy mark on the skin, one that will leave you gazing at it for hours on end.


Although this only may be a small point, another fun thing about these tan lines is reflected in the individuality they present about the wearer. If you meet a gorgeous woman with hearts tanned onto her breasts, you may think that she is playful and a bit of a girly-girl, whoever, if she has a pair of lips near her lips, she may have a bit more of a sensual and kinkier side. It is also fun to ask her for her reason why she decided to do it in the first place! However, if you do disapprove it, try to keep this opinion to yourself, as she may not appreciate any negative comments about it.

Drawing the Line

Bikini Tan Lines can look extremely sexy on the right people. However, with every positive comes a negative. Whilst some may like the look of a pair of breasts having a subtle pale or tanned sheen to them, others may see them as trashy. After all, they make the wearer look like they do not care about their body. Worse still, if the tan is fake, it may lead to a partner wondering about why they didn’t get the job finished completely? It may end up looking a little sloppy. Some people have even described these tan lines as making the wearer look like a “zebra.” Although this is a bit of a harsh commentary, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, meaning that everyone has their own tastes. However, it is important to take care of your body, and these sort of tan lines are not worth toasting your body out in the sun for so long.

Your thoughts?

These sort of delicious bikini tan lines really can make a pair of breasts look fantastic and, honestly, make you feel fantastic too. The fact that you get the opportunity to see a private area of a curvy woman’s body, and know that others will not get to see it, is bound to give anyone a thrill. But the main question is what do you think? Do you think that these bikini tan lines are sexy or should they be avoided at all costs, let us know!


Online Dating Sites To Find Gorgeous Women With Big Boobs

Modern people are extremely busy. We spend many hours working and have no time for dating. Luckily, we have access to dating websites, which provide both men and women interesting dating solutions. This is the best way to find your partner very quickly. Stop wasting your time waiting for the perfect time to knock your door. Online dating sites are a good choice to locate a dating singles and to let them share some parts of life.

There are many approaches on how to locate single men and women together, and one of them is familiar to everyone, which is the dating services. It is not a problem to find numerous networking websites, which offering free dating services for each individual to satisfy their needs and tastes. Each dating site offers certain services. In this post, you will find a lot of recommendations. Before you enroll yourself, read the reviews. For example, Ashleymadison reviews claim that the site provides exceptional assistance for a long-time relationship. By using such services, many singles are able to find their men and women and bring some new colors into their lives. By choosing mature dating sites you have all the chances to make the correct choice to find the best dating lover.

A generation ago, people us to search for a love partner at school, work, or through friends. Nowadays online dating has become something normal and widely used thing. Let’s admit that the way modern people date and find love has changed due to the introduction of new technology. Around one in five relationships started thanks to the internet. So, if you really want to meet your partner and you still do not use online dating services, you decreasing your chances a lot.

In the early 90s, online dating services were used by people who had troubles finding a partner in the traditional way. Now the way of thinking has changed since mobile phones with dating apps have become the hookup option for many of us. In fact, it is one of the most effective ways to meet a romantic companion, to find a meaningful relationship, or a sex partner, depending on what you look for.

If you’re coming out of the painful divorce, your heart is mending, and you wondering if there is anyone you could spend your entire life with, consider using online dating. Prepare yourself to swipe through profiles, strike up long-winded love conversations, and connect on mutual interests. This is your chance to get a starting line.

There are hundreds of options available online. With the right approach and an open heart and mind, the journey of finding love can be fun, not stressful. To make it even easier for you, you must have a clear understanding of what you expect. Find the list of dating sites, where you will find your life or sex partner.


Women with big boobs are very feminine and attractive than the ones who are too skinny with tiny breasts sizes. Men will find a lot of gorgeous busty women, who are proud of their big breasts. Ladies with big boobs aremore sexual open. DatingBigBoobsGirls is the paradise for women with big breasts and these men who love women with forms. On this dating site, men can easily find their partners. What’s more, the website is free to join. It also provides iOS and Android apps to make it even easier to connect with such awesome girls.


This dating site is for those who are looking for someone who’s truly a cut above the rest. This site is mainly focused on attractive and the most beautiful members. The service will help beautiful people find perfect partners. If it is what you’re after, then look no further. You will have to sign up and complete a fleshed-out questionnaire. This is the way how the system will match your profile with the most compatible people by looking at 29 unique character traits.



This dating site offers different options. Just consider your options, and the site will help you identify what your intentions are. Would you like to meet your future spouse, or are you suited to an adult dating site like the X-rated? FriendFinder-X is the place where you can live out all your secret sexual desires. Here you will find other users who are looking for the same level of casual commitment that you are. This dating site is hookup-oriented, which boasts millions of people around the world.


Experience the Ultimate Fantasy with a 4 Hands Massage

If you’re reading this, it means you’re one of the many beautiful people out there with sexual fantasies aching to transform them into reality. In this post, you will be introduced to the ultimate erotic indulgence and fantasy of every sensual massage enthusiast – the 4 Hands Massage.

4 hands massage as the name implies is a tantric massage routine carried out with two masseuses – thus four hands and it is the crème de la crème of life’s ultimate fantasies. This ultimate fantasy is achieved when two fully trained masseuses who will work in harmony to pamper your body and relieve it of stress and tension, work through a routine that steers you towards the goal of a happy ending. Some people have described the experience as another level of a threesome that is much more enticing and fulfilling. Most 4 hands massage come with full service, so you get more sex and eventually more orgasms from it than with a regular threesome. When receiving a regular tantric massage, it is easy to predict where the masseuse is going to touch next, but with the addition of two extra hands during the 4 hands massage, your mind will need to work harder to keep up with the stimulation that is accumulating throughout your body. The simultaneous touch of 4 hands is eye-opening and is an experience that is not supposed to be missed by anyone who is as sexy as you are – as this ultimate fantasy offers a thrilling experience of revival and rejuvenation of the body, mind, and soul.

What should you expect when you finally receive your first 4 hands massage and why is the 4 hands massage becoming more and more popular and preferable in the tantric massage London? As with all tantric massages – a happy ending is achieved, but with extra topping. Using authentic tantric massage techniques, the masseuses will spend the session attending to your body based on your preferences – whether you want them working on the same side of your body or pop up wherever they would want to at different times. The usual choice is the pop up as it triggers the best experience – the adventure of not knowing what comes next turns your body into a canvas of pleasure. Sometimes the 4 hands massage is combined with other kinds of erotic massages as a round off routine for extra stimulation. The final effect of this massage is full body stimulation.

Now that you know what the 4 hands massage entails, you can visit a tantric massage parlor to experience it for yourself and try tantric massage with lovers at home. You can also turn your regular erotic massage to the next level by requesting an extra masseuse. Keep in mind that two pairs of hands can reach more sensitive spots on your body compared to one. Have fun, and if you’d like, please share how the experience went with us.

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Sabers Edge

Ashley Teal – Most Popular Young Kinky Webcam Girl

Every once in a while, a girl comes along who can blow your mind. For you, that girl is sexyashley_21 (Ashley Teal ) She’s got it all where it counts and she loves to share it. No one can say that a hot blonde with a huge set of tits isn’t their thing. It’s everyone’s thing. On top of that, she’s only 22 years old. She still has a lot of sexual learning to do and she wants to do it all on her cam. That’s what makes her one of the very best models around. Ashley never holds anything back and she’s never too shy to have a good time. All of her desires are laid right out on the table for you. You never have to guess at what she’s thinking. It’s always going to be naughty and she’s always going to tell you all about it. That’s just the kind of girl that she is and the world is a much better place for it.

Let her followers be your guide

If you have any questions about how good Ashley is, all you have to do is take a look at her followers She has well over a hundred thousand of them. That’s not something that many other cam girls can boast. Maybe it’s her body or maybe it’s her personality. The important thing is that she has what guys want. It’s really that simple. If you like cam shows, then you’re going to love what she has to offer. She always wants to make a good impression and she does it very easily. It’s her gift to the world and everyone should be able to experience it. All she wants to do is share her body with the world. It doesn’t take anything more than a simple click to help her do that.

She’s a very kinky girl

If you want to learn everything about sexyashley_21, all you have to do is brush up on your kinky definitions. She’s the type of girl who wants to see how everything in life feels. She never says no to something that she hasn’t tried before. A kinky girl is always up for new experiences and that’s exactly the way that she is. If you can imagine it, then chances are very good that she’s already thought about it. She may even have tried it out. All you have to do is give her a chance to do it in front of you. She loves to show off and she love to find new ways to cum. It’s her passion in life and always will be.

Give her a chance to turn you on

You need to hit up sexyashley_21 right now. She wants nothing more than to cum with you. One look at her is all it’s going to take to convince you that you made the right decision. There are plenty of cam girls out there, but she’s the best. She can make all of your deepest desires come true. She wants to do it all, so make sure you bring your imagination. Let it all hang out for her. She’ll take what you want to see and just run with it in the best way possible. If it can feel good, then she’ll make it happen. You won’t need to coax her at all. She’ll be more than happy to try it out with a big smile on her face. Head to her room right now and have the very best cam experience of your life. You’ll never regret it and you won’t be able to get her off of your mind.


High Tech Porn


The technology of today has made several steps forward when it comes to watch porn with your favorite porn stars. Let’s be real here. We have all watched many porn videos with our laptop, mobile phone or desktop PC but sometimes it’s just not enough.

A high technological way of watching porn has been taking over the market and that is Virtual Reality porn or simply known as VR porn.

VR porn allows users to actually “feel” like they are part of the movie, that they are communicating and interacting with their favorite talent and it provides an amazing sensation. This revolutionary way of adult entertainment is much different than watching a normal porn video and it’s been taking over as time passes.

VR was originally created for savvy video game players, but it’s been quickly applied to Adult and with great results. Today, plenty of porn studios produce new content in VR and users are able to enjoy this type of entertainment.

Watching VR porn requires you to own a VR headset which can be obviously purchased online through many sites but it’s better you gain some information before you make this step. The cheap headsets that cost below $100 are just not good enough. Don’t be fooled by their cheap price. They provide a very low streaming quality, they are very fragile and they tend to break down very fast.


On the other hand, the expensive ones such as the HTC Vive, PSVR and Oculus Rift are amazing headsets, they are above $400 and if you are not a hardcore video game player, then there’s no point of getting them.

If you are looking for a great headset that is affordable and that is made strictly for porn, then I suggest the IRIS VR Headset by This headset has a great looking design (pearl white), it provides excellent streaming with crystal clear resolution, is made with high quality materials and it has a battery life of over 3 hours, allowing you to watch the best VR porn content out there. It costs $199 so it’s right in between.

In addition, by purchasing this headset, you’ll get tons of free VR movies through their partner site, which is a huge source of VR videos from the major VR studios that gets updated weekly and where you’ll find plenty of big titty pornstars there as well. This is actually a great bonus since VR porn subscriptions can be costly.

I have tried the IRIS Headset while watching a movie with a big tit girl and oh boy. I loved watching those massive melons bounce up and down!
If you are looking for something more exciting and entertaining, then VR porn is the way to go and the IRIS headset won’t disappoint you. You’ll remember what I said in this article. Have fun! 🙂


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Common Misconceptions About Honey Girls Escorts

There are many common misconceptions and myths surrounding the escort industry. Don’t assume that you know everything about Honey Girls escorts unless you have actually booked regular appointments to spend time in their company. Hook up on an intimate and romantic date with a beautiful and sophisticated escort, and shatter the illusions that you may be entertaining.

Common Misconception No.1 –

Only rich businessmen book appointments with escorts

Whilst it’s true that many successful and wealthy businessmen like to book regular appointments with stunning and sophisticated Honey Girls escorts, not all male clients have the same occupation, background or amount of money in the bank. Businessmen who have hectic lifestyles, and are frequent international travellers, often opt to spend quality time in the company of beautiful girls to enjoy a no strings attached connection.

Escort companionship is the perfect antidote to fast paced corporate living. Wining and dining a glamorous escort, in an exclusive and fashionable, top London restaurant allows businessmen an opportunity to relax and unwind in captivating company.

You don’t have to be a millionaire to hook up with Honey Girls escorts. Date nights can easily be arranged to suit your personal budget. If you need a partner by your side at a business or social event, elegant and personable escorts always provide the ideal guest solution.

Common Misconception No.2 –

Honey Girls escorts are not as smart as other girls

Honey Girls escorts come from all walks of life and a variety of different countries. Every beautiful lady has a unique personality and identity, and is gifted with many skills. It’s not uncommon to encounter a bilingual beauty, when you book an appointment for a hot date with a classy escort in London.

Many top escorts are highly educated and well travelled, and some even have advanced degrees. These gorgeous girls also know how to use their natural charms, confidence and good looks to achieve their success goals. If you want to date an intelligent woman, who also boasts a captivating personality and sex appeal, without having to spend an eternity searching online on dating sites, make an appointment for an intimate liaison with Honey Girls Escorts. You’ll easily find your perfect match on every level.

Common Misconception No.3 –

All escorts have cosmetic enhancements

To ensure that every guy, who wants to date escorts in London, find his perfect girl, our website features a vast array of delectable beauties. Browse the Gallery of cheap London escorts from Honey Girls Escorts to feast your eyes on stunning blondes, beautiful brunettes and glamorous redheads.

Not every man has identical tastes and requirements, and therefore you will find that not all escorts are the same physical shape or dress size. Men who adore ample curves can enjoy the company of sexy ladies that flaunt larger breasts and flirtatious charms. If the natural look, is more your thing, you will also find plenty of attractive elite companions that appeal to you.

Common Misconception No.4 –

Honey Girls escorts will do whatever you want

Just like savvy ladies, Honey Girls escorts know how to exercise their personal boundaries. When you book an appointment to spend time in the company of a high class escort, it’s important that you are respectful at all times.

You will enjoy attentive companionship and will be treated like a VIP. Openly discussing your personal likes and dislikes with your companion, allows you to discreetly explore your most intimate desires. Having a realistic expectation of the escort experience is also essential. Be open to new experiences, but always respect the escort’s right to say ‘no’.

Common Misconception No.5 –

Guys who date escorts must be losers

Not all men want to be in a committed relationship with strings attached. Some guys prefer to live a bachelor lifestyle where they are free to choose the company that they keep on any day of the week. Dating escorts gives you the freedom to enjoy the sensual company of classy and sophisticated ladies who you may normally think are out of your league.

Men who lack confidence in approaching women can learn a great deal from an escort experience. The Girlfriend Experience is just like having a real girlfriend, without any stress, worries or concerns. You simply get to enjoy all the best bits of an intimate connection.

Sabers Edge

What The Escort Experience Can Do For You

The Honey Girls escort experience can be many things. Besides offering you an opportunity to spend quality time in the company of beautiful and glamorous ladies, an escort experience also gives you a chance to learn a few valuable things about yourself.

On intimate and romantic dates with high class and exclusive Honey Girls escorts, in the capital city and beyond, you can exercise your gentlemanly charms and perfect your amorous flirting techniques. The exciting encounter will be a personal treat and an experience you will never forget.

So what are you waiting for? Choose your favourite girl and make an appointment for a hot date with cheap London escorts from AJ London Escorts.

Give Your Ego A Boost

Spending quality time with captivating and sexy Honey Girls escorts in London allows you to instantly give your ego a huge stroke. Having a gorgeous girl on your arm, at a social occasion or business function, seriously boosts any man’s self-confidence. The eyes of every man in the room will be on your sophisticated date. Knowing that she attentively only has eyes for you will make you feel like a VIP.

Whenever you need 5-star company, our stunning girls are always available to accompany you whenever you want to go. Natural confidence is an attractive trait that is especially appealing to escorts. Don’t be afraid to smile, make eye contact, and be yourself.

Learn How To Show Appreciation

Appointments with elite escorts give you an opportunity to practice your flirting skills, attentiveness and appreciation techniques. Whilst you will be treated like a VIP, by your beautiful escort companion, it’s important that you treat her like a goddess and show her how much you value the time in her company. After all, she is a personable and adaptable social butterfly who can confidently mix with everyone, and therefore commands your undivided attention.

Show your appreciation by taking Honey Girls escorts on dates to exclusive fine dining restaurants, private members’ clubs, West End theatre shows, and popular attractions. Pay her genuine compliments about her elegant attire, bubbly personality and high standards of personal care.

Extend your hook up by booking a luxury guest room at a premier hotel. Treat your companion like a lady and spoil her at every opportunity. Being appreciative of the female form will ensure that you are rightfully rewarded with all the intimate attention that you could possibly want.

Explore Your True Nature

On an intimate date with a gorgeous escort you can explore your sensuality. Your escort encounter is always private and discreet and allows you the freedom to explore flirting, intimacy and sexual fantasies. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to delve into the world of kink, but you don’t have a willing or interested partner to play with? Maybe you long to take control of the situation, and to role-play and discover what really turns you on?

In the company of hot Honey Girls escorts you can safely explore your personality, sensuality and sexuality, and make your wildest dreams come true. For many men, the high class escort experience provides the key to unlocking the doors to greater self-awareness. The intimate encounter can give you access to clarity about what you want to experience and enjoy, in life and in the bedroom.

Sharing your secret passions and wildest dreams with an intelligent and open-minded lady can be mind-blowing for some men. This beneficial level of intimacy is not always reached in close relationships. Being honest with yourself, and your escort, will enhance your appointment experience satisfaction.

Manage Your Expectations

It’s easy to let your imagination run away with you, before you actually hook up on a date with Honey Girls escorts. Unrealistic expectations are formed when you don’t know what to realistically expect on your first escort experience. Having an open mind, and a realistic outlook, will help you manage your expectations so that you are never disappointed.

To fully enjoy the Honey Girls escort experience, never expect that your companion will do things that other women won’t do for you. Don’t expect that all of your needs and requests will be met. Simply enjoy the company of your stunning escort, relax, and go with the flow. You’ll always be pleasantly surprised when you don’t have any expectations.


The Rise of the Nipple Tattoo

A set of gorgeously curvaceous breasts are something that no man can resist. After all, not only are they warm and wonderfully soft, but they look fantastic in any sort of lingerie or tight dress. It truly is a woman’s curves that makes her looks so appealing. However, did you know that some women are actually trying to increase the appeal of their breasts through the latest craze of “tittooing”?

What is Tittooing?

Women all over the country are currently updating their breasts with nipple tattoos. That’s right, whether they are cheap London Escorts or high-powered businesswomen, ladies everywhere are visiting their local tattoo shop in order to spruce up the appearance of their nipples. Some are interested in having their shape redefined or changed into a quirky shape.

Originally, the tattooing procedure was mostly used as a medical procedure for Cancer Survivors. It was used within breast reconstruction surgery in order to give the appearance of a 3D Nipple on the breast. However, nowadays, it is also used within cosmetic surgery in order to define the shape of the nipple. It can be used to enlarge or darken the surrounding areola. That way they can easily catch the eye with their colour and appear more symmetrical. Sexy symmetry is something that naturally appeals to a viewer, therefore it is not surprising that these women are trying to alter the shape of their nipples.

The Procedure

The Procedure itself is relatively fast and only takes around 2 hours to complete. Once the breast is numbed with local anaesthetic. The nipple is then tattooed with semi-permanent ink that blends the nipple colour with medical grade micropigments. That way the colour of the nipple is practically indistinguishable from the tattoo’s colouring.

Patients who want a tittoo can expect a cost of around £500-£1000. Just be warned that the colour may fade from the nipple after a while, so you may end up needing a top up of pigment!

What shapes are Available?

Whilst most will go for simply enhancing the natural shape and colours of their nipples, there are others who have decided to take it a step further and change their shape entirely. Some ask for hearts, others for diamonds. As for them, it is seen as an extension of their fashion. Whilst the tattooist will warn about the semi-permanence and painful removal procedure (if they decide they do not like it), overall it has been seen to raise the confidence of the “wearer”. Debbie Clifford, a permanent make-up artist from West Yorkshire, has said:

“It’s about confidence, just as a set of new eyebrows can give that extra boost, breasts are very feminine and to have them enhanced can give the client massive confidence and a defined nipple is sexier.”

At the end of the day, the process is another fashion trend and actually may be as a result of women striving to gain the perfect body. From major influences being magazines, TV and even Porn, it is not surprising that these tittoos are there to make a woman feel at her sexiest. That way even if she takes off her lingerie then she can feel like her body is full of sex appeal.

Are these Tittoos only for Women?

If you are interested in getting one of these tittoos, you will be happy to know that women are not the only ones who are getting them. Men, especially bodybuilders, are getting them to enhance the look of their areolas and pectorals. They are especially good if you are worried that your areolas are too pale and will not stand out against your skin colour. It is all about defining the nipple to make it stand out, making it the perfect thing if you want to take part in a competition that exposes your chest.

Important Information

Getting a Nipple Tittoo comes with its risks, just as getting a vajazzle and permanent power brow does. If you do not feel insecure about someone seeing your breasts during the procedure, then you should do what makes you happy. If getting a Tittoo makes you feel more confident about yourself then go for it! Just be sure to double check that the practitioner is completely trained and is registered by the council to carry out the procedure. If you notice any inflammation, purple nipples or breast problems after the treatment just be sure to reach out for medical assistance.

Enjoy your Tittoo!

Honestly, whilst the idea of having your nipple tittood may sound a little strange at the start, the results are extremely sexy and can provide the wearer with an extremely unique look. Not many of their partners will be expecting their nipples to be anything other than a circle, therefore it can truly make them stand out and memorable. So, enjoy getting your tittoo and find a shape that truly suits the beauty of your breasts.


How You Can Start Finding Buxom Dates

Let’s face it: most of the guys out there would love to find a woman that is large-chested. Not only are women with these features more erotic looking, but the way that they fill out their blouses is nothing short of amazing. However, not every guy has the ability to find these ladies, and they’re stuck with dating women that don’t measure up. Here are a couple of unique ways that you can find dates that are buxom.

Using a Dating Website
Finding dates is an art, but getting certain people into one area of the internet is a science. No other method of finding certain kinds of women that want romance, dates, and other forms of interactions is as successful as dating websites. Specifically, going to hookup dating sites where you can remark on a woman’s body and form and be liked for it provides a unique opportunity for guys to find buxom dates. When you use these hookup websites, you can practically search for women by the cup size, giving you access to people who have the body you want and the mentality that will let you have a great time. Not all hookup dating websites are made equal, so make sure that you choose the right one to host all of your good times.

Going to Hooters
Another way that you can find women that are buxom and single is by going to a restaurant where they work. Hooters is a chain of restaurants where physically blessed women work so that they can find guys that will give them large tips to be served by a woman like them. Ignoring all of that, you can find ladies in these restaurants that have the build you want in a woman along with a variety in terms of other backgrounds. It might be hard to get someone’s attention there, but if you make it clear that you aren’t just here to flirt, you can definitely find someone to ask out.

Head to the Beach
Another way that you can find single women to date who are buxom is by hitting the beach. This is a place where women proudly show off their bodies, so it’s not that difficult to see who was hiding themselves under layers of clothes all winter. With so many bikini-clad women, you’ll be spinning in circles trying to figure out who you want to date first. Just take a cool approach to a woman that is large-chested and figure out if she has a mutual interest. The worst thing that she can say is no, and then you’re still in a veritable sea of near-topless women!

Check Out the Gym
The final place that you can find dates with buxom women with ease is at the gym. Truth be told a lot of women aren’t going to the gym to find dates, but if you happen to run into a woman in a sports bra at the water fountain or volunteer as a spotter, you’ll be able to ask her out. The tight-fitting clothes might through you off at first, but a large chest is easy to spot at the gym.

As you can see, there are a number of ways that you can go about finding buxom beauties for your dates. The methods of using a dating website, going to places like the beach, going to specific restaurant chains like Hooters, and heading to the gym are just some of the ways that you are going to find these women with large breasts. Using these methods, you’ll certainly have a great experience and high chances of finding a very chesty date.

Sabers Edge

Things Every Man Should Know About Dating a Busty Woman

You probably thought your dream came true the first time that you started dating a woman that was really big-chested. However, there are some things that every guy that has dated a woman with big breasts or plans to date such a woman needs to know. We’re going to examine several of these things so that you can go into the situation prepared with all the important knowledge.

Stop Looking at “Them”
The first thing that you need to understand about dating a busty woman is that you should not spend all day looking at “them.” No woman is going to want to spend time around a guy who can’t get over the fact that the buttons on her shirt are straining from what’s underneath. That doesn’t mean you can’t whistle at her when she is getting dressed in the morning, but for the most part just be happy that they’re there. Don’t press her on the issue of her chest all the time or she’ll just be annoyed.

The Bra Situation Will Be an Adjustment
If you’ve just met you date on a site for night shift dating and you’re finally going to get into bed with each other, you’re in for a surprise. In the past, you probably had to deal with one or maybe two fasteners on the back of the bra. Once you got them unhooked, you were home free. However, when you are dating a woman that is extremely endowed, you are looking at three or even four fasteners that you have to learn to take off while looking suave. That is going to take some practice and getting used to. Make sure you get a good glance at what she’s wearing so you know how prepared you need to be. The other option is to leave it to the expert: her. There’s no shame in it; she might be more eager to get the bra off than you are!

Shopping Will Suddenly Become Impossible
In the past, you might have been able to go into a lingerie store and pick something out for your date without worrying about the cup size. Generally, someone that is smaller in the chest will get away with a rough estimation for a slinky gown. The same cannot be said if you are shopping for a buxom woman. Instead, you will most likely find her something that is impossible for her to squish herself into and that she will not like. Take your date along with you to go shopping and let her find something that she wants to wear.

She’s Going to Get a Lot of Attention
The final thing that you need to realize about your buxom date is that she is going to get a lot of attention. Guys are going to be very envious of you and want to take a good long look at your date. However, another source of attention for your date is going to be women. They’ll look, as about sizes, and make comments, but as long as you can take them in stride you’ll be fine!

As you can see, there are a lot of things that you need to know about dating a busty woman. First and foremost, you will want to make sure that you don’t gawk at them all the time. Yet, aside from the obvious rule your date is going to get a lot of attention, their bras are going to take some practice to take off, and they’re impossible to shop for alone. If you keep all these things in mind, you’ll definitely have a good idea of how to handle a relationship with a busty woman.


Boobs or Bums, Which is Better?

As long as Men have been attracted to Women, an ancient question has existed that has divided people alike. It is a question that calls into concern the very basis of sexual intrigue and brings sexuality back to its basic physical foundations. The question is:

What is better, Boobs or Butts?

What is so Sexually Appealing about Boobs and Butts?

Naturally, if you are a man who indulges in the pleasures of the flesh, you will know that the best parts of a woman’s body are her breasts and her butt. A woman without her curves is like a ship without a sail. Her curves simply alight every passion that a man just cannot resist. For they look great and feel even better. That is why most men are after a woman who has at least one of these assets. If you want to see an example of this in play, why not take a look at the images of Beautiful Escorts on larger Escorting Websites, like Supa Escorts, and you will see Gorgeous Ladies that emphasise their breasts and butts to appeal to all of these clients. They want to show off the curves that their clients can bury their face against and simply indulge in the warmth of their soft skin. This is why Boobs and Butts are so popular since it is always a comforting feeling to have a soft curve pressed against your own body.

A Titillating Exchange: Breasts are the Best!

Erotic Triggers

When you look at your partner and her breasts, you may unintentionally start to become excited. Why is that? Maybe it’s because of the way that your partner has covered her breasts and has offered you only a tiny amount of cleavage to keep you excited.

There is nothing more exciting than seeing a present that you can unwrap. But once it is fully unwrapped then the excitement may wear off. The same idea applies to breasts. Breasts are Erotic Triggers that stir primitive thoughts in the masculine mind. Their natural curves are associated with health and fertility, meaning that you are more interested in “mating” with this desired person, but the fact that they can be so easily used to tease is practically intoxicating. You do not want the gift of these breasts immediately. Instead, you should be allowed to slowly unclothe them, indulging in their feel within a bra, as well as their well-rounded shape and a gorgeous cleavage. A pair of gorgeous breasts will always provide more than meets the eye!

A Sexy Nip Slip is the only thing that can serve as an even bigger Erotic Trigger than a woman’s breasts themselves. Seeing a slight hint of nipple exposed when you look at a woman’s breasts is practically hypnotic. Whether it is due to her bra being slightly too small, or just the fact that her breasts her slipped out due to her jumping or moving around, it is like a little surprise that makes the overall image of her breasts even sexier.

Shapes and Sizes

The best thing about Breasts, in oppositions to Butts, is honestly their appearance. A Butt is always kept out of sight and always have a very similar shape on most women. But a pair of breasts is diverse in every shape and form. No pairs of breasts look alike. Whether that’s in regards to their shape, size, colour or nipple size, you will always get a new treat every time you see a new pair of breasts. The only thing that links them together? How soft and supple they truly are, whether they are in your mouth or in your hands.

Erotic Enjoyment

If we look at the beauty of breasts from a scientific standpoint, this would be in regards to the pleasure that we can experience knowing that by touching our partner’s breasts (and nipples) can bring her sexual enjoyment or, in some rare cases, an orgasm. We want to make sure our lovers are cared for and feel excited during sex, which is why we pay particular attention to her breasts. But did you know that there have been theories that by stimulating a woman’s nipples you may be elicitating a hormonal reaction from her to bond with you?

According to Larry Young, a professor of psychiatry from Emory University,

“When a woman’s nipples are stimulated during breastfeeding, the neurochemical oxytocin, otherwise known as the “love drug,” floods her brain, helping to focus her attention and affection on her baby.”

However, from a sexual standpoint, nipple stimulation is also key to sexual arousal, to the point where it activates similar brain patterns that tend to vaginal and clitoral stimulation. Young continues in his statement, in reference to this, by claiming that when a sexual partner uses his mouth or hands on a woman’s breasts or nipples, then this also releases oxytocin into the woman’s brain. This means that there is a more likely chance of the hormone making her want to bond, or at least get more intimate, with the person who is providing the stimulation.

Breasts a fantastic combination of beauty and science. Not only do they provide pleasure to those who look and touch them, but they actually provide pleasure to the woman herself. This is far more than what a butt can do, even if there is a lover that is ready to lavish it in attention.

Perfect “Ass”ets: Butts are the Best

Curve and Grace

When it comes to describing the beauty that is associated with a perfectly round pair of ass cheeks, it simply is impossible to capture it outside of pictures or video. No matter what sort of clothing a woman is wearing, she will always have a soft shape to her butt, making it look delicate and graceful. Whether she is standing up or sitting down, she knows how to highlight her natural butt’s curve to make sure that she looks good in any sort of action she undertakes. The best sort of women do not need to wear tiny dresses or shorts to emphasise their natural curves, though it certainly is sexy when you see a hint of buttock hanging just beneath her shorts. Instead, they are the women who wear pencil skirts or long dresses, ones that curve just right over her ass.

The illusion of an ass is only a hint of the beauty that lies beneath her dress. Only a true woman can carry this sort of figure off. So be sure to worship this curve at every chance you get, especially if you are lucky enough to have a lady who knows how to use it to make sure that others only feel jealousy that she is on your arm instead of theirs.

Twerk it out!

Have you ever been out to a club with a beautiful lady, and then out of the corner of your eye, you suddenly see her start to twerk or wiggle her ass to the music? It is a sensual display of brazen sexuality. Whilst this is not an invitation to go and touch her, as you must always have consent to do this, there is no harm in simply admiring the view unless told otherwise. You will see the delicious jiggle that only true dancing queens know how to produce. Her other curves simply cannot compare to the voluptuous jiggle that her well-rounded ass can produce. A curvy ass is a healthy ass, especially if she can use it to show off her dance moves.

The Wiggle

No matter what sort of sexual position you are in, you are bound to see your partner’s glorious ass wiggle with every thrust you make against her. Even if you are not having sex and you are just walking around, there will always be a sensual grind to her movements and a hypnotic bounce to her butt. Learn to appreciate this wiggle whether she is fully clothed or not. For having a gorgeous ass is what truly changes a Woman into a Queen.

Your Individual Preferences

Of Course, at the end of the day, your preference in regards to Breasts and Butts is completely up to you. A Woman with the body of a goddess deserves to be treated like a rare treasure. After all, she has all of the assets that have moulded her into a truly gorgeous specimen of womanhood. With silky smooth skin, gorgeously well-rounded breasts, a tiny waist and a toned ass, all women have examples of these fantastic assets, thus deserve to be worshipped.

However, if we were to pick between the two, then we just have to go with a woman’s breasts. Her breasts are two treasures that can be so much more tantalisingly teasing than a pair of women’s ass cheeks. Whilst a woman’s butt is normally fully covered, her breasts only need to be partially covered. This means that they are always peaking out as a gorgeously supple hint of cleavage. There is nothing better than this. To be teased a hint of what is to come, it is a feeling that can only be expanded upon by seeing a pair of breasts in the flesh. To draw out the experience of seeing a woman’s breasts inch by inch is truly wonderful.

That is why we just have to say that Breasts have always been, and always will be far more superior than Butts.

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Watching Porn Isn’t Bad For Your Health

There is and has been a debate on whether porn is good for us or if it is something that we should stay far away from, and today, for the sake of having something to go on, I will use Some say it is perfectly healthy and natural, and this is the side I tend to stay with. While I am not a man, I have long worked in the porn industry and have worked with men for most of my life, and I have yet to see one that is so addicted to it that they will go to the extremes that some of these alarmist types will scream when they are asked their opinions. To be fair to both sides, however, I am certain that this is going to be a topic that can get heated for many years to come.

I will go with my own personal views on the subject of porn. Let this be known however, this is my views and only my views and beliefs, so keep this in mind as you read this article. To me, watching porn is about as natural as it can be, and can be a plus in many different ways. Some couples like to watch a porn movie to help with their own arousal with one another. A man may use a porn movie to relieve stress, when there is no one there to take care of his needs for him. There is nothing wrong with this. I also do not buy into the sayings from those that somehow have in their head that it can lead to bad things.

I have often taken the time to go to porn sites myself to check them out and watch the comments sections and everything about them so that I have more of an idea what is in it for you guys, remember, I am not a guy, so I have to do my own research into this matter. I do my very level best not to judge and berate a man, or woman, for their sexual desires and fetishes. Take the site I previously mentioned,, a free porn site with about as many different categories as one could possibly think of, from bondage, to anal, and just about every other thing you can think of to do with porn or sex. If you take a look at in comparison to, you will see that Pornkai has a far better selection to both the number and bondage categories.

I have also taken a little trip through some other categories and videos that strike me better than bondage, because bondage isn’t always the best type of porn videos. Some of us are more into amateur porn, blondes in porn, pornstars, or any number of things. I bet if you asked 100 men what they liked best about online porn and you would probably get 200 different answers. Some of you may not be honest about this as well, I think, right? Maybe you are curious and want to look into other types of porn that you would never talk about with anyone else, and maybe it is something like shemale porn or tranny porn. There is nothing wrong with this at all, so don’t think you are bad for it, or that you are gay or any other thing than just what you are. It makes you curious, not a freak.

I bet you are wondering what my own personal opinion and view of porn is, and I’ll be more than happy to tell you about that. I am not a big fan of watching porn online, most of it is fake and scripted and that isn’t something that turns me on even a little bit. But maybe take some of the homemade porn on and that makes things a little better. I have looked on for better homemade porn but it seems to be better on the site at hand. I don’t think it is bad and I don’t condemn or judge, like I said before, it is just a personal preference for me.

In closing, I can’t be pushed on the side of porn is a bad thing or unhealthy, as long as you keep it, as well as anything else you do, within reason and in moderation. If you find yourself missing work or sleep because you are watching porn, then you just may need to slow down just a bit.

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Why Real Women are Better than Porn Stars

You might be happy that there’s so much porn available online, but don’t you ever wish you could be with a real woman? The fantasy of being with a hot model like those on screen is great for whiling away the lonely nights, but nothing beats the pleasure of having someone there with you in the flesh. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find the woman of your dreams in the course of your everyday life, so is it worth making the effort to find that sexy real-life partner?

Everyone has their own fantasies, sexual and otherwise. You might dream about winning the lottery or getting a massive pay rise as well as wishing you could take part in a threesome for example.

The essential factor in finding a desirable mate is to be able to tell the difference between fantasy and reality. What you watch on screen bears little resemblance to how relationships work in real life. The etiquette is very much different with real women you want to build a relationship with.

If you want to get to know a woman in real life, don’t make the mistake of thinking you should behave as if you were in a porn film. On the other hand, don’t make the mistake of thinking real women are hard work.

Real women can be just as interested in sex, just as keen to experiment, and may well have far more stamina than you! However, all women are different, just as all men are, and you can’t make assumptions about anyone based solely on their gender.

If looking for a partner sounds like too much hard work, don’t be disheartened. Anything that’s worth having takes a bit of effort to achieve; and the rewards of meeting someone you connect with and who shares your passions is more than worth any time you spend on the search.

If you’re still not convinced, book yourself a date with an escort, and spend the evening with a real woman. This can help you gain confidence in dating in general, as you can work on conversation and compliment, for example. You can easily book online now, by location, so you could book one of the Manchester escorts from Cheshire Companions for example.

When you’re ready to take the plunge and find a partner, online dating is the logical choice. Dating websites and apps have opened up a whole new way of making connections with people, and if you use the right kind of site, you stand a good chance of finding someone you like.

If you’re only after a hook-up or casual relationship, use the sites that are intended for these kinds of encounters, then everyone knows where they stand. Of course there are still many ways to meet women in real life, too, so you don’t need to limit yourself to cyberspace.

You can’t get anything better than being with a woman who you feel attracted to and who wants to be with you. On screen porn babes might be good for your fantasy life, but a real woman is infinitely better.

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6 Surefire Ways To Spice-Up Your Sex Life

You have to admit that sex is an important part of your love life. Irrespective of whether you have been in a relationship for several years or in a new romance, stress is capable of exhausting us. This, in turn, can put a damper on sex life. To get the amazing chemistry back, you need to take things to the next level. Simple baths and candlelight are not going to do the trick. Here are some unique ways to spice up your sex life.

• Sexting
Even though most people have to say that sexy text messages are just like dry humping, there is a great way to make them work. Don’t just go X-rated on your phone but text about a memorable time when you had sex like sometimes when you beach sex. This is sure to do the trick. Or, send innuendo-ridden sentence which only two of you know.

• Role play
Meet up in random places such as a bar or restaurant and pretend like you are meeting for the first time. In fact, you can also make new personas for yourself. You can drive to unknown places and create a new identity for yourself. Make sure that you are in character all night especially when you are indulging in the sexual act. Believe it or not, the possibilities are simply endless and are the best way to spice up your sex life.

• Cook together
Cooking together might sound boring. But, it doesn’t have to be. You can make things interesting just by sharing some sexual favors like you have seen on xtmporn, while your partner is preparing the meal. This is an easy way to entice your partner and add some zest to your sex life.

• Stay in a hotel
At times, you just need a change of scenery. If you spend some time without getting the constant reminder that you will have to finish a lot of work will help in easing your mind. This, in turn, will help to get you in the mood.

• Bid adieu to bedroom
Rather than waiting until you are in bed and all set to pass out, break past the routine and have sex in a different place. The kitchen counter seems like a good option. There is nothing hotter than a shiny and clean countertop. Or you can try it out in the backyard in the long deck chairs. Ask your partner to meet you outside and just put on your favorite nightgown without anything underneath. The excitement of getting it outside will take the orgasm to another level.

• Sex wish lists
Write down your sexy wish list along with the things that you would want your partner to do to you. Well, and then spend the whole night fulfilling each other’s wishes. This is also a great way to let your partner how you want it.

Boring sex is a common problem. It is necessary to know that there are dry-spells. However, if you are able to keep things fresh, you will be able to do great wonders for you, as well as your partner.

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Arousr Adult Sext Chat Review

I will start this article by saying that I was waiting for you, dear user! Welcome to one of the newest platforms of adult online chat. the platform where you will discover that your existence is more than the usual. And basic day filled of boring experiences, normal sex and in the end, nothing new. Arousr! This is the brand word! The name that can and will take you out from that normality. It will switch your buttons and will make you more satisfied with your sex life, then you could ever imagine.

Adult Chat Stream

What if you choose a girl of any nationality, any shape that you desire or any type of sexual mentality for adult kinky chat? On Arousr this is more than possible. Here, you have the privilege to talk with some naughty and perverse southern girls. Or maybe you would like a tiny brunette with gigantic boobs. Either way you have to admit that you would love to hear the scream of pleasure coming from her voice. While the pussy is melting just in front of your eyes. To be completely honest with you, being part of this insane world of Arousr, you will have the chance to taste it all. And, believe me when I tell you ..awesome is nothing.

Variety of Girls

My experience with Arousr for adult chat started when I knew that my usual places for pleasure are not so complex and at some point, you want to find that all-in-one. Well, here we go … From the beginning, I was impressed with the consistency of the area regarding the structure of the site. And how they managed to combine the phone sex, the pictures and the live adult video chat, in a perfect manner. For people to understand – I have tried this platform and the girls can turn you on in ways that you have never felt before. Just imagine that she will tell you: Do you like the way I flick my tongue? I`m sure that you would like to see that. And I`m sure that you will move on and take some real action. Then, you would like her to slowly lick you. Throat the dick and swallow drop by drop until you push it all out. Oh, yes! This is what I`m talking about.

Soothing Experience

It is insane, to be on the top of the hill only by knowing that Arousr exists. I admit that, from the moment when I have tried, for the first time, trying adult video chat on Arousr. I never wanted to be in any other place for that kind of particular pleasures. Take your buddies, when doing phone sex chat don`t be shy, don`t hesitate. Not for a single damn second and be that kind of dude that has it all, who’s free in his own body, soul and dirty mind. She will obey? Can you be the man that makes her a slave? What can I say … for me, Arousr is that unique tattoo that you choose to make, at some point and you wear it with pleasure every single day.

Write a Story

On Arousr, you can create any story you want by using sexting. You can take her to the kitchen, you can fuck her right there on the table. She will scream to death and you will be the guy who will make this chick a ever-lasting pleasure. Keep that pussy wet, play with her mind and her body. Because you can do it and nobody has to know anything about this connection you have.
From my point of view, sexting is more than your daily cup of coffee! It is the place where you can be anyone you want! And, yeah, she can be your sweetheart! You can say whatever the hell you feel and want! If you don’t want a sweetheart, she can be your baby-doll! Or maybe your slave, if you want to portrait yourself in a dominator.

Piece of Advise

Feel free to take my advice and feel free to accept that you deserve a feature like text adult audio chat in your life! You deserve to scream things like: “You suck me or you fuck me?”. We are human beings and we love sex. Oh yes, we love to push it all in, especially when we have a ride-or-die chick to play with. So, do I made myself clear or do you think that you need more?

Dream It

Arousr has the means to be your dream, but not only when you take a nap. On this particular platform, you will have it at any hour. And you will have the chance to open a different present every time that you will come here. Is this awesome enough? Tell this babe that you want to fuck her ass while she will whisper in your ear that you make her clit sweat! Make your own dream come true and don`t forget that this is a secret and you can always bring more boys to the party if you want. You only have to keep the party worm and squishy.

Practise It

My opinion, if you are reading this, is to take your personal phone, go into the closest room, bathroom or any other secret place. Similarly send your wife shopping or your mother-in-law to her resting place, make yourself comfortable and bring your favourite bitch into the game. Send her a message, send her a photo and be the boss. Ride the horse, enjoy the fantasy of Arousr. This way you will no longer be the man from the back of the scene or the little boy that has to stay still! You will become a top-notch man.


Finally, I am able to admit that with their charm, soothing words and seductive outfits. The girls that you will meet here are going to please you completely. There are multiple girls available each time and there is also the option to choose random girls. In order to try the erotic chat experience, while enjoying the time of your life. The user is the most important player and the team behind this project will always deliver the best for them. Moreover, the ladies will bring into the show all sorts of toys for you to see and them to feel! Now, I need you to tell me if this is not the perfect place for you to invite your buddies, for any of your nightstands?!

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Is Voyeurism a Disorder?

Voyeurism in the subject of the day and I would like to learn more about this as well, so I am going to help us both and dig into this matter. We know that this is all about getting sexual pleasure from watching others pleasing themselves, showering, or many other areas of the word. You remember those holes that you seen on the bathroom walls, or dressing rooms or anywhere else where you can get turned on just watching them when they don’t know you are there.

Now, this can be a disorder if you are too into it, you know, like watching the next door neighbor while he or she is getting undressed and into the shower. But if you are not hurting anyone by invading their privacy and you just want to watch some voyeur videos on the internet. There are some really sexy voyeur cam sites out there. Take for example Voyeur House that site is really the ultimate voyeur house and you cannot hurt anyone. This site is full of girls that know you are watching and it turns them on too. But this is also voyeurism, you are just invited in, believe it or not.

The fact that you are going out in public and checking out hot girls next door, and you watch her get undressed, or dressed or even in the shower. Whatever it is that turns you on, if you get caught, you are so busted. But I am of the thought that if you are watching this online on a site that is being filmed as a voyeur house, how can you hurt anyone that way? There is nothing illegal about watching voyeur houses online, but there is plenty illegal if you go doing it to your neighbor. You can seriously creep them out and they will never look at you the same. But watching it online is perfectly normal in my opinion.

Some of you just may not want to watch them get naked, some, I have heard of, like it better to watch them in their element, cooking, cleaning, or reading a good book. It just turns some people on to watch them in their world. But online at a place like Voyeur House, who is going to say anything or even know. They cannot look at you weird, or cross the street when they see you, whatever nervous energy it does to them. But no one is hurt here, in fact, if you don’t tell anyone, they can’t even know a thing about it.

There are, of course, some people that really take it overboard and then it becomes dangerous or need to be seen about. There is no rhyme or reason for what causes this, a bit more than we can have any say on what our own desires are, it is just how you teach yourself to live with it, and stay out of it. I cannot say I am a voyeur, not for sure, maybe a little. I think all of us have a little voyeur if we get right into it and dig around in our minds.

In closing, let me say this, if you are not hurting anyone and just want to watch voyeur videos online, I can’t say that it is harmful or harmless, like I said, it’s how you deal with it. I am not a therapist and I don’t know you, so don’t take my word on anything. Just know that if you are going to be a voyeur, keep it to yourself and to be on the safe side and watch them online, it isn’t like there is a shortage of voyeur sites out there to keep you safe and sound and private. Enjoy your voyeur porn online and just do you! Not hurting anyone cannot be said that you are a crazy nut, because not all of us are.

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