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Is Voyeurism a Disorder?

Voyeurism in the subject of the day and I would like to learn more about this as well, so I am going to help us both and dig into this matter. We know that this is all about getting sexual pleasure from watching others pleasing themselves, showering, or many other areas of the word. You remember those holes that you seen on the bathroom walls, or dressing rooms or anywhere else where you can get turned on just watching them when they don’t know you are there.

Now, this can be a disorder if you are too into it, you know, like watching the next door neighbor while he or she is getting undressed and into the shower. But if you are not hurting anyone by invading their privacy and you just want to watch some voyeur videos on the internet. There are some really sexy voyeur cam sites out there. Take for example Voyeur House that site is really the ultimate voyeur house and you cannot hurt anyone. This site is full of girls that know you are watching and it turns them on too. But this is also voyeurism, you are just invited in, believe it or not.

The fact that you are going out in public and checking out hot girls next door, and you watch her get undressed, or dressed or even in the shower. Whatever it is that turns you on, if you get caught, you are so busted. But I am of the thought that if you are watching this online on a site that is being filmed as a voyeur house, how can you hurt anyone that way? There is nothing illegal about watching voyeur houses online, but there is plenty illegal if you go doing it to your neighbor. You can seriously creep them out and they will never look at you the same. But watching it online is perfectly normal in my opinion.

Some of you just may not want to watch them get naked, some, I have heard of, like it better to watch them in their element, cooking, cleaning, or reading a good book. It just turns some people on to watch them in their world. But online at a place like Voyeur House, who is going to say anything or even know. They cannot look at you weird, or cross the street when they see you, whatever nervous energy it does to them. But no one is hurt here, in fact, if you don’t tell anyone, they can’t even know a thing about it.

There are, of course, some people that really take it overboard and then it becomes dangerous or need to be seen about. There is no rhyme or reason for what causes this, a bit more than we can have any say on what our own desires are, it is just how you teach yourself to live with it, and stay out of it. I cannot say I am a voyeur, not for sure, maybe a little. I think all of us have a little voyeur if we get right into it and dig around in our minds.

In closing, let me say this, if you are not hurting anyone and just want to watch voyeur videos online, I can’t say that it is harmful or harmless, like I said, it’s how you deal with it. I am not a therapist and I don’t know you, so don’t take my word on anything. Just know that if you are going to be a voyeur, keep it to yourself and to be on the safe side and watch them online, it isn’t like there is a shortage of voyeur sites out there to keep you safe and sound and private. Enjoy your voyeur porn online and just do you! Not hurting anyone cannot be said that you are a crazy nut, because not all of us are.

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Live Sex Chat Be Boobalicious!

Wanna know something about today’s porn industry? Get to know sexy chicks that are 100% absolutely to die for, with the most banging titties on the web? Ever thought about the possibilities of getting down and dirty with hot models with seriously gorgeous racks?


The time has ‘cum’ my friend, feast your eyes upon one of the best sites of modern day internet! No longer do we have to wait around for God to bless our screens with deities bouncing their incredible jugs before our eyes, jiggling from side-to-side, squeezable handfuls and nipples worth sucking on!

Lord have mercy! And the best part? These bad boys are REAL . . . Oh yes, all shapes, sizes, naturale or fake – the beauty is in the breast – no matter where you look.

As far as excitement and mind-blowing women who literally make your mouth water at the idea of getting between those babies, there is definitely a wide variety of live webcam sex sites with available amateurs around-the-clock waiting for your . . . company?

Chat with THE HOTTEST Girls

Hands down dude! You imagined things could not get ANY better? But guess what? YOU WERE WRONG. Not only do we now have the technology and ability to share our fantasies worldwide, but we also do so FREE of charge muthalovers – yes, we should weep with gratitude!

A future in exploration has finally arrived and the freedom to give credit to those who deserve it the most is at the click of a button. Now, more than ever, the freedom to get involved is at our fingertips.

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Czech Girls Look Great In VR

Czech girls in porn video are all the rage and you can now see them close up and personal in VR. Virtual reality technology has helped to add a new feel to adult content. If you love the girls you see in your favorite porn videos, you can see them even closer when you view them in Czech VR.

What is VR porn?
While VR technology has already made headway into games, the same trend is catching up in porn experiences as well. There is much opportunity here, especially in creating situations and movie like instances whereby the viewers can enjoy romantic or erotic buildup for their emotions instead of simply watching the act as lovemaking as is evident in the usual porn videos.

The real way that VR makes an impact here is to help viewers get into a situation and participate in it. In that sense, an effective impression is created. Researchers who have studied impressions of those watching VR videos for the first time have found that viewers are able to absorb and live the experience much more.

Enjoy your favorite women up close
What Czech VR porn sites provide is not only titillating content and videography that creates unique situations for the viewers but they are also able to enjoy views of the women up close. Traditional porn videos cannot help create a participative or immersive feel as VR porn can create. Hence, if you love ogling at your favorite Czech porn stars, find them up close to you, virtually locking lips and undressing, keeping you mesmerized all the time.

How to enjoy VR porn?
While VR videos offer a personalized experience, it is best that you set aside some personal time to arouse yourself with such videos. The only shortcoming is that you cannot enjoy such videos with a partner, such as the technology and the setup. Hence, it is perfect for lonely evenings when you can immerse yourself in VR after having done the right technology gear setup.

Find the right video content
Also, the quality of such videos also matters. For that reason, free VR would only provide trailer like experiences. For the right content and immersive viewing, it is important to subscribe to websites that offer quality content. Many adult content portals have specialized content with videos based on Czech girls. If you love to see them up close, teasing you and getting you high, then such sites are worth subscribing to. What’s more, it is mainly the tease and builds up to an erotic lovemaking that entices the viewers. This is obtained only with quality content at premier Czech VR porn sites. Hence it is worth signing up for and getting hooked with new videos that are offered every week. It can be a great way to unwind, let loose and feel pampered for your sexual desires to be stimulated.

Log onto a porn review site today where you can find comparative reviews of the different porn sites and know more about them before you sign up for a subscription.

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The 411 on Male Sex Toys

Sex toys are a dime a dozen. Well, not really. Some may be cheap but many cost hundreds of dollars. So, why on Earth would anyone pay that much money for a toy? Obviously, it’s because those things are awesome.

Most people are familiar with brands like Fleshlight, Kiiroo, Lovense and TENGA, but even folks who know those names don’t always understand the sheer variety that’s at their fingertips. Modern-day sex toys, often referred to as “marital aids,” come in all shapes and sizes, with ergonomic designs and high-tech features that do everything but the dishes.

Typically, sex toys are classified into one of two categories: male or female. However, there are some that are specifically designed as unisex playthings, thus requiring some basic knowledge to determine the difference. It’s not hard, but your man might be once he gets his hands on one of today’s top male sex toys.

The 5 Main Types of Male Sex Toys
While the quality and effectiveness of any male sex toy is based on the user’s preferences, male sex toys are not exempt from the golden rule of marketing: not all products are the same. Some items are far better than others, so buyer beware.

To get a good grip on what the market is offering these days and to find a male sex toy that’s right for you or your lover, choose the three most appealing toys from each of the following categories and then use a buyer’s guide to figure out which one is best:

1. Handheld Masturbators
As one of the most popular male sex toys, handheld masturbators come in many forms. Often viewed as luxury fifis, men choose these products to enjoy the myriad of sleeve textures and orifices that are used. Requiring manual pumping and usually without too many high-tech features, handheld masturbators are a timeless classic that never gets old.

2. Auto-Blow Devices
Similar to handheld masturbators, automatic blowjob machines provide the same basic type of stimulation but require no manual interaction. Usually ran by rechargeable batteries, many auto-blow devices are Bluetooth compatible or can accommodate VR goggles because their interface is linked to online porn content. As an added bonus, some of the best automatic BJ machines can sync up with other devices for a real-time session regardless of distance.

3. Torsos
Sex doll torsos are a terrific option for men who prefer to thrust instead of pump, not to mention they make a great visual. Often produced with life-like body features such as pubic hair, skin wrinkles and even big, jiggly boobs with beautifully molded areolas, torsos provide an extra sexy alternative to the typical toy while being equally as easy to clean and maintain (usually).

4. Cock Rings and Cages
Generally reserved for the more adventurous among us, cock cages offer intense genitalia restriction for dominance play. Cock rings, however, are a bit more mainstream. Secured to the base of the penis and sometimes including gentle vibrations, ball loops or perineum massagers, cock rings strengthen and prolong erections by restricting blood flow – a safe and sensual substitute for medications and topical ointments.

5. Prostate Massagers
Not just for ass play enthusiasts, prostate massagers can boost performance in the bedroom in numerous ways. The p-spot (a.k.a. prostate gland), which is located inside the anus, is one of the primary glands responsible for ejaculation. Thankfully, the makers of these toys provide a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit all experience levels. Furthermore, the higher-end models can vibrate, rotate or both.


The male sex toy industry is a complicated one, especially since so many manufacturers are now coming out with integrated, unisex collections. As such, the following toys fall into a grey area where they’re neither toys nor tools:

Penis Pumps
Designed to enlarge the penis, help with erectile dysfunction or Peyronie’s Disease or simply improve sexual pleasure, today’s best penis pumps are not only effective but they’re fun to use.

Corona Massagers
Made for men who derive sexual pleasure through direct stimulation to the head of their penis, corona massagers twist, twirl and vibrate without requiring any humping or pumping. Generally used for stamina training, these super intense things are more therapeutic than pleasurable.

Sex Dolls
Ideal for those who need more out of their torso, full-fledged sex dolls are expensive but insanely enjoyable. With humanistic body features (soft butt, big tits, pretty face, etc.), sex dolls take masturbation and self-gratification to a whole new level.

Tips for Finding the Best Male Sex Toys

WARNING: It won’t be easy to find a good male sex toy if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Unfortunately, it would take several years for you to become a pro like John James: The Sex Toy Expert. He’s known around the world as the voice to listen to when you’re searching for a perverted plaything. He’s constantly using his expertise to write concise buyer’s guides and product reviews on the industry’s latest, and he’s not shy about calling it like he sees it. If you know what’s good for you, you won’t miss what he has to say.


Adult Cam Reviews – Top Sex Cam Site

What to expect from adult cam sites? Adultcamreview, as per the name of the site, not only provides direct links to such portals but also information about them. Many people are looking at different options besides generic porn sites. The jump that has taken place has brought in new content through cam sites and VR porn.

How cam sites work?
How the cam sites work is the main objective of most people visiting the Adultcamreview portal. In most adult cam sites there are girls who sign up to provide content. They are available for performing live for clients who sign up for per minute fees. Girls are given cuts while the cam network that controls the sites earn revenue from the membership costs or fees that the clients pay.

Cam sites are akin to strip club experiences, having a stripper perform right in front of you, albeit through the computer screen. The girls make money while they get their clients sexually excited. The rate is much cheaper online and can be accessed by people anywhere. For such reasons, the popularity of cam sites is growing day by day.

The girls who log in at cam sites usually sign up for an account. Once they agree to certain terms and conditions of performing through a live webcam for clients, they are made available for sessions as per specific timings. The girls choose to make themselves available during certain hours and their charges are decided by the cam site policies.

Review cam sites before you sign up
The advantage that provides is the option for users to check out different sites. Every cam site has certain specific advantages and disadvantages; for instance, the screen size and options for viewing are different on the various sites. Gaining an overview of the different sites or comparing the same can help a viewer decide which one they wish to log onto. Again, checking reviews and testimonials of others can help a user to decide which site would be worth signing up for. Many sites that are not legit can have spam sites and viruses that come onto a user’s system when one tries to access them.

What to expect from different cam sites
The cam sites belong to different categories. For instance, there are sites for novices where youngsters and newcomers can log on and provide a pleasurable viewing experience to their clients. These free platforms are cheaper, but are less moderated, which can lead to poor content and disappointment for the clients.

Professionally run sites usually require customers to sign up by paying a membership fee. Studio girls are trained and adept in providing stimulating performances which is why a client needs to pay more for such a viewing experience. These sites even have details of the girls listed, their availability slots and options for a client to book a session with a girl later on and so forth.

With so many aspects to consider, there is little reason not to refer to this portal. Here you get a comprehensive set of sites to review and check out before you decide to log onto them. Legitimate sites and those that offer professional content are easier to hunt out from this portal.

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Online Hookup: Is It Something You Should Spend Your Time On?

The question of whether online hookups are worth the time is something that often comes up with the topic of online dating. After all, these forms of dates are meant for a quick meeting and then usually not much afterwards. Yet, there are still some benefits to online hookups that are important to keep in mind which proves they are worthwhile endeavors.

The Stigma Of Online Dating Is Fading
One of the biggest reasons that people do not visit dating website for hookups relates to the stigma surrounding online dating. After all, dating online has been considered something for desperate people rather than those who have a good handle on dating. Thus, as the naysayers for online dating fade to the background, there are fewer people who denounce online hookups. After all, the internet is largely about finding something that is convenient, and online hookups provide company and convenience.

Hookups Are Now Quicker and Easier Than Ever Before
People tend to appreciate things more if they are simple to do. Thus, hookups have been demonized because only the Casanovas out there tend to be able to pull them off. The internet has facilitated a vast movement into online dating and this has allowed more people to have great dating interactions.

Since hookups are easy, fast, and let anyone start to meet one another, there is a lot less of trouble getting a hookup date. In fact, you can find a specific hook up website where you can find hot men and women that want to have fun the same day. Whether the fun happens online or offline is largely dependent on the couple’s needs. Yet, there is one thing that is clear: there is certainly something for everyone.

Online Hookups Allow You To Live Out Your Fantasies
Perhaps the best part about an online hookup is that every person gets to have the exact kind of fun that they are looking for. It can be very difficult for a man or woman to approach someone in public and tell them that they are looking for a hookup that same night. When you date online for hook ups, though, you get the benefit of having a buffer space so it does not feel uncomfortable.
Online hookups are also beneficial because they let you live out any of the dating fantasies that you have developed. You can let your inhibitions go when you start dating online because there is no real reason to be conservative. Since you do not have to face any overt rejections, you can walk away from a night of searching for hookups feeling perfectly fine.

Conclusions: Are Online Hookups Worth It?
The bottom line is that online hookups are one of the best forms of online dating and are well worth the time spent. They have become so popular that entire websites have been dedicated to this singular form of dating. This means that there are large groups of people who are looking for this exact form of dating outcome. With higher chances that ever before, it is clear that this is a worthwhile venture for those who want a hook up.

Online hook ups also have the benefit of allowing a person to go for what they want without the fear of rejection. Using the right hook up dating site, you can find hundreds of local women and see who is ready and willing to have a hookup. Overall, it is safe to say that hook ups are here to stay, so try one out today.

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Small Boobs Classified as a Physical Defect by Russian Officials!

Russian advertising standards officials received a number of complaints about an ad from a construction company which depicted a woman measuring her chest to advertise “small prices and lots of complexes”.

Small Boobs physical defect

The officials agreed with complaints that the ad body-shames women but, they also said small breasts were “physical defects”.

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) stated:

FAS ruled the billboard used an offensive image of a woman and expert council found the advertisement points to physical defects in woman (small breasts).

Nastya Krasilnikova, an anti-sexism blogger has criticized FAS:

Probably, the person who wrote this thinks it’s perfectly obvious that a small chest is a physical disability.

This story tells us one simple thing about Russia, sexism is part of the culture.

For the billboard depicting small breasts as physical defects, the construction company, face a fine of 500,000 rubles ($7,410).


Mia Khalifa got Hit in the Tit with a Hockey Puck!

Slow news day today so here is the story of Mia Khalifa getting hit in the tit with a hockey puck during the Stanley Cup Playoffs earlier this year.

Mia Khalifa hockey game

Mia attended the conference finals between the Washington Capitals and the Tampa Bay Lightning when a puck flew over the glass and hit her right in the tit.

Mia Khalifa hockey game

“I was sitting behind the glass during a game, and it came shooting over the glass and it caught me so off guard and I had no idea it was coming. I grabbed my chest and I didn’t want to let go, because I felt like if I did let go blood was going to be everywhere. My left breast is slightly deflated now and I will be getting it fixed next year.

But the good news is, I got a game used puck from a Capitals Stanley cup playoff game. Worth it.”

Good thing she had those airbags for protection!

Mia Khalifa hockey game



Meet the many sexy cam models at! Any type of girl doing anything you might possible want is available. Since you are here you probably like big juicy tits and this is your chance to see some live right now!! They also got couples cams which lets you get a customized sex show!

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MrPornGeek – Best porn sites list, top sex sites collection review

Watching porn is often considered as an ideal way to relax after a long hard-working day. It not only allows you to relieve your stress but also allows you to spend some quality time with yourself. However, finding porn websites with good quality and variety is not that easy despite having numerous porn websites available. That’s mainly because these porn websites borrow content from each other and serve you the same content with some added positions and some extramoans. is trying to change this situation with its vast collection porn websites with both quality and variety. is still relatively new in the market but has already gained significant traction thanks to its vast collection of quality porn websites. The website is clean and all the necessary information is present at Home page of the website. You just need to visit and select the porn category you interested in.

Huge Collection has huge collection of porn websites sourced from all over the Internet. Here, over 700 porn websites with high quality porn videos in various categories reviewed and rated just for you. All the websites listed here have no affiliation with eliminating any sort of bias, which means there is no reason to give positive feedback to a website that do not prioritize customer satisfaction.

Clean Design

When you visit for the first time, one thing that will stuck you is its minimalistic website design. The website layout and the colour scheme are extremely tidy compared to most other porn websites. The Home page of is just a well-formatted webpage with no fancy graphics or irrelevant ads and offers fantastic viewing experience across all the devices.


Most of the porn websites are not secure enough and the worst thing is you may never get to know which website is secure and which one going to damage your computer by installing virus or spyware. You may even become a victim of identity theft while browsing insecure websites. Thankfully, recognises this and only list websites after thoroughly checking them for their security level.

Ad Free

When you visit a porn website, the one thing that puts you off is the number of ads it has to offer. Most of the websites have numerous ads and browsing such websites is nothing sort of a nightmare to most people. Most people become a victim of clickbait without even realising and might hand over their private information unintentionally. However, there are no ads on and you get a clean website to navigate without any hassle.

Regular Updates

The website rankings at are updated daily, which means you will get up-to-date information about your favourite website and if they introduce any changes, you will be informed right away. You can also send information about websites that are conning their customers and are into illegal practices like charging hidden fees, tracking their customers, etc.

If you are stuck with poor quality porn videos, then you should definitely check With its massive list of categories such as teen porn sites, sugar daddy dating sites, cougar dating sites, etc to go through, you won’t be disappointed regardless of your taste in adult entertainment.

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JaqueMateAteos: Why are we a different porn website?

Are you tired of surfing the internet and just find boring porn sites that don’t offer fresh and relevant content? Well, congratulations, the JaqueMateAteos website was created with the idea of feature a different kind of pornography than the conventional one. Away from the generic videos of the bunch that are repeated over and over again we only post exclusive porn videos with the most relevant pornstars today.

Do you want to access the porn site? Visit us at:


Our strategy is to present the material in the most didactic way possible, because watching pornography has nothing to do with sexual education. We’re a kind of sex academy that projects scenes that will teach you something new. Whether it’s a new starlet with dizzying curves, a new sex posture, a word you’ve never heard before, or experiencing a new level of ecstasy.

Customized porn videos for all kind of viewers

There is something that makes JaqueMateAteos different from others is that we customize the content accordingly viewers’s preferences, there will be no repeated scenes just to satisfy or bored sex that won’t get a 80 years old man excited, all our content comes from the best sources for it, America.

They are the most requested porn producers in the Yankee industry. Many studios dedicated to create scenes with the most spectacular girls on the international pornographic scene. The most impressive bodies at the top of this business as if it were a brand new valuable market.

Watching sex videos on JaqueMateAteos

There are just a few websites that offers you the quality of material that we have in JaqueMateAteos. The main purpose of our sex videos is focused in sexual motivation for the spectator, most of them men audience. But on our site we go further with a kind of pornography that will get into your psyche and affect your mind.

The best from the best of sex world just for you, You’ll know what I mean when you reach the paroxysm with the bunch of precious porn stars placed in unimaginable positions. Once you’ve overcome the barrier of shame, you’ll ask your partner to fuck in front of the screen while watching our sex scenes at the same time.

That is why we carry out a threefold task: playful, sexual and live. The man is much more motivated when it comes to fuck because he is visually stimulated. And the woman will be more served and pleased. It can be said that the free sex videos are a couple’s therapy for male and female to practice without any concealment.

The best “Porn Tube” in Spain: JaqueMateAteos

The specialty of the house is to cross the barrier of human sexuality to see something more aesthetic. To watch more than “pieces of meat” in the porn world. We offer more artistic and free view of pornography in a unique space.

Despite this it is true that we have taken certain licenses with the design and structure of the website to resemble other popular sites in Spain where digital garbage is massively piled up like condoms in a whorehouse. Like Orgasmatrix, Aztepajas, Serviporno or Puritanas.

As an adult industry visionaries we have gone against the market and dared to give you all the free sex you can handle. We have catalogued and organized it into different pornographic themes so that you don’t get lost, so don’t worry if you’re a gourmand of the most geekly, here we have it all for you. What you can see you can’t find on any other website. Our content is different, dirtier, with more tits and more asses, in two words, much better.

Naked celebrities category: celebrities clothless
At JaqueMateAteos we are proud to have the best selection of nude celebrities on the internet. With their naked photos and videotape. Celebrities who make movie scenes and show off their naked bodies without shame. Very hot captures and carelessness of actresses, presenters, singers or any popular women you may have seen on television.

Famous fucking celebrities category: known fornicators
When these same recognizable celebrities have crossed the line and starred in a porn video, we include them in our celebrity fuck section. These days any half-baked celebrity can commit an act of madness and videotape himself fucking like a bunny. If the video leaks out we already have the typical slut who has had sex recorded in front of everyone.

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Why mutual masturbation via webcam is so hot

Many people get skeptical when talking about the webcam industry, but there must be a reason for its growing success, right? Well, the camming industry has been blooming for a couple of years now, and that is simply because it appeals to a larger audience than pornography, not to mention that in most cases you will get to watch the show for free. Mutual masturbation via 2 way video chat on sites like is incredibly popular.

Another aspect that makes people fall in love with camming is that everything happens live, and there are no repetitive acts, because every time, something will be different. In addition, unlike with the porn videos, you get to interact with the hot model you are watching. Chatting and asking for special favors is something that only the webcam community has to offer.

Today, there are a ton of naughty cam models who would love to show you something naughty through a number of acts. As a user, you can ask your beautiful model for a special favor, and if you really want something special, you can ask for a private cam to cam session.

In those sessions, both of you will have your cams turned on and enjoy watching each other as you do a number of kinky acts. This is what makes the camming industry so different, because in that private session, all the attention from your model will be given to you, and she will only listen to your requests. The private cam to cam session, does not allow anyone else to interrupt you.

To make everything even juicier you might want to get the interactive webcam toy that allows you to control the pleasure levels of the cam girl while you watch her. This is only available from the models who have this toy, so make sure to search for them, as some models even offer VR shows and we all know that virtual reality makes everything look real!

While you could masturbate while watching a porn clip, there is a whole other level of pleasure that the webcam shows offer. Imagine watching your favorite model enjoy herself as she uses a number of toys and plugs them in the right places while moaning and cumming hard. You can cum together with her, and nothing makes two strangers closer than watching each other masturbate passionately.

However, for you to enjoy these naughty pleasures you will have to create an account and usually, the registration will be free. But while the registration is free, you will still have to pay for the private shows or naughty acts you want your favorite model to show. has it’s own sex blog that’s updated weekly with some stupidly hot next door girls and seen as you like big boobs then I invite you to check out busty fitness model Rebecca who loves fooling around with herself in chat and even more so when she can see you fooling around too.

Usually, the shows do not cost that much, but this depends both on the site’s webcam currency prices and the prices of different girls. Then again, it can also depend on the naughty act you want to see, and if you’d like a private session or not. Nevertheless, going into a private webcam session with your favorite cam model is an experience that everyone needs to have!

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How to get the most out of Live British cam girls & their webcam shows

Women are going to be women regardless of who you interact with from all four corners of the globe. Women are awesome. They’ve got their own personalities. Each and every one of them is different from other women you’ve met before. It usually is kind of a dangerous thing to make some sort of generalization based on what commonalities people share like appearances, origin, language, religion, that kind of thing. But I’m happy to report that when it comes to raw sexuality and having a great time online on a webcam, you really can’t go wrong with British cam girls.

You really can’t. Why? They actually bring a lot of British sexual attractions to the table. Most of them are very open minded. A lot of them are very imaginative. One thing I really appreciate about these kinds of women is that they know what they want and they know how to get it. They know the power of their sexuality and they’re not ashamed about it. They don’t walk on eggshells. They don’t play any games.

There’s no unnecessary drama. There’s none of that bullshit. The great thing about sexual power is that you have to recognize it and appreciate it for you to tap into its power. These women are open minded and they know how it works. They know the game. There are no mental and emotional virgins here.

That’s why they’re a lot of fun. And if you are serious about getting the most out of your experience visiting websites that promised British busty slut live webcam entertainment, pay attention to the following. These tips can go a long way in you getting what you came for. When it comes to online adult entertainment, whether we’re talking about porn, dating, or cam shows, you really have to be insistent on what you came for.

You have to be insistent on what you paid your hard earned dollars for. Otherwise, you’re just going to get stepped on over and over again. It happens so many times that a lot of websites are basically not stepping up to the kind of quality that they promised. You have to speak up. You have to be that grease that makes sure that the machine is turning over smoothly and efficiently.

For that to happen, you must not hesitate to squeal from time to time if something rubs you the wrong way, or if you feel ripped off. So how exactly do you get the most out of a British busty slut live webcam show?

Be sure you’re dealing with the real thing

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that everything is authentic. Everything has to be on the up and up, as far as product accuracy is concerned. Make no mistake about it, you’re buying a product. You’re buying an entertainment package. Insist on that.

If the website promises a busty cam girl, then you better get a busty cam girl. Do you see how this works? If you are just going to settle for bait and switch scams and all sorts of all too predictable online bullshit, then you’re going to get stepped on over and over again. You’re going to get taken for granted, and taking your money would be as easy as taking candy from a baby. You know how sad and pathetic that is.

So insist on at least some level of authenticity. Now, if she is a chick who is originally from the Philippines with a British accent, that’s good enough because at least, she’s British. Do you see how this works? You don’t always get a blonde-haired blue-eyed Brit. But at the very least, insist on British entertainment.

Tease her

If you really want to get the most out of any kind of live entertainment, you need to step up. You need to contribute to the entertainment. You have to understand that any kind of live entertainment involves an interaction between the performer and the audience.

If the audience members are just going to lean back and flop around, hoping that the performer would please them, it’s not going to work. Performers are just like you. They have bad days, they have good days. In some days, they are very moody, in other days bad things happened to them. Whatever the case may be, it might not be at their peak level, as far as mood is concerned. You have to step up and tease her, joke around, get her to laugh, do whatever you need to do to create a light environment where she can then start filling that in with hot sexy nasty action.

Otherwise, you’re just going to stare at each other hoping that somebody would make the first move and hoping that somebody, somehow, says the right things so she starts doing what you expected. Unfortunately, most people are lazy so they just wait for some guy to somehow take the initiative.

Be that guy. If you want to be entertained, you can’t wait around for other people to lift a finger. You have to do it. You have to roll up your sleeves, get her to laugh, type whatever you need to type to get some sort of reaction from her.

Get her comfortable then call her to action

So what is the game plan? What is the point behind all this joking around or getting her to laugh? Well, it’s actually simple. All teasing, whether in or outside of the bedroom, really boils down to comfort. A chick is not going to give you her phone number if she’s not comfortable with you. If she thinks you’re some sort of a creepy axe murderer, it’s probably not going to happen unless she’s into creepy axe murderers.

Do you see how this works? So get her comfortable. Do whatever it takes. You can tease her. You can joke around. You can get her to crack up. Whatever the case may be, always remember that it has nothing to do with your looks. You can look like the hunchback of Notre Dame and you can still get action.

How do I know? I’ve seen it happen all the time. It’s not your looks. It’s not how much money you have in the bank. It’s all about your confidence. By her feeding off your confidence, she becomes more comfortable, she settles into her skin, and then the real show begins.

Dare her

Offer a dare. Tell her if she shows you what you’re looking for maybe you’ll show her where the horse bit you. Something funny, but in the form of a dare. You’d be surprised as to how many women get excited when you dare them, because you’re really tapping into their sexual power. You see, women will always have power over men because they have the pussy and we don’t. Wrap your mind around that. That is power, my friend.

Unfortunately, other women don’t know how much power they’re sitting on, so when you play these games you basically remind her that she’s in control. She’s the one who has what all these horny dudes are looking for. This celebration of her power and of something that only she can control usually gets her off.

At the very least, it’s some sort of reminder and she starts going with the flow. Play some basic games. Pretend to read her mind, pretend to read her fortune, some other bullshit like that. The key here is to make it fun for her. You see, the more fun it is for her, the more she’ll get her freak on. When that happens, it becomes fun for you.

What you’re really trying to do is create an environment where she feels she’s getting off with a friend. At the very least, get her to feel that she’s at least getting off with somebody that she can trust. It’s not like you’re going to turn around and backstab her, laugh at her, or reject her. It’s all about mutual fun, the more excited and horny she gets the more you will feel satisfied thats where sites like Amateur Girls UK come in to their own, girls expect to be satisfied as much as you, they enjoy mutual masturbation, they want to cum while you watch.

By getting her to feel comfortable, then it’s highly likely that she would put on the kind of show with the right level of intensity. That’s what everybody’s looking for. But make no mistake about it, a typical British cam girls and British live webcam shows is only as good as the energy level of and initiatives taken by the audience.

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12 Facts about Female Bust You Might Not Know Before

Female bust is not only beautiful and mesmerizing, it’s full of mysteries, secrets, and many interesting facts most people have never heard. Men are the main admirers and connoisseurs of female breasts. But do they know much about the object of their admiration? Enrich your knowledge reading this article prepared by

1. A classic champagne coupe replicates the shape and size of Marie Antoinette’s breasts. However, history has mixed the facts a bit. The legend says Marie Antoinette ordered to make glasses shaped like her bust so that her court could drink to her health. In reality, those were milk bowls, and the champagne glass was invented in England long before.

2. In different languages, there are many slang words denoting female breasts. It can be explained by the fact that this is a very intimate part of the body, and these parts often receive “folk” names.

3. Women’s breasts are asymmetrical. Usually, the left breast is a bit bigger than the right one. However, the difference is so insignificant that it can’t be spotted at first glance.

4. 2% of women have the so-called third nipple. Men can also have extra nipples, but it’s less typical of them. An extra nipple can appear either on the breast or on any other body part.

5. Female breasts get sexually aroused. When a girl is sexually excited, her nipples react immediately. They harden and become extremely sensitive. Being in such state, any touch brings heavenly pleasure. The same as penis, breasts enlarge during sexual arousal – they can become one size bigger. 1% of women have so sensitive boobs that they can reach an orgasm by stimulating their bosom.

6. Something you might have missed at school. Female breasts consist of three parts: skin, areola, and nipple. Areola is a small area of darker skin that surrounds a nipple. The placement of areola and nipple can vary depending on the size and shape of the breast, so they can be located in its upper, middle or lower part. Female and male mammary glands are identical, but male ones are not developed.

7. Lolo Ferrari, who died in 2000, entered the Guinness Book of World Records as “the woman with the largest breasts in the world”. Each of her breasts weighed 2.8 kg. She had undergone 25 operations to get those boobs. She had to wear a special bra to carry that huge weight on herself.

8. Boobs are growing! According to bra producers, in the 90s, the most popular size was 75C while today, the cup D is being purchased more often.

9. The first documented breast enlargement surgery was conducted in 1895. An Austrian surgeon took his patient’s back fat and injected it into her breasts. Silicone implants began to be widely used in the 50s-60s. Before that time, different materials, such as ivory, glass bubbles, rubber, gutta-percha, were used.

10. All men look at a woman’s breasts first. Not eyes. This is a reflex, and usually it’s uncontrollable. Men subconsciously assess a woman’s potential to bear and feed a child. Hence men’s love for big boobs and curves. The researchers also found out that by contemplating female breasts at least for one minute men increase their life expectancy.

11. Nipples are formed earlier than the genitals, so both males and females have them. Later, they transform into mammary glands in women, and stay rudimentary formations in men.

12. Many movements that fight for equal rights support the idea that women should have the right to strip their torso in public like men do. There was even the trendy hashtag #freethenipple to support women’s right to post the pictures of their nipples.


Know Your Girlfriend’s Character by the Shape of Her Boobs

Breasts have never been just the part of female body. Since time immemorial, boobs have been riveting men’s eyes. And there is an explanation. In men’s subconsciousness, female breasts are associated with maternal care, the feeling of safety and satiety. No wonder, guys get blissfully paralyzed looking at boobs. Some like big boobs, some like small tits. Some like contemplating them, some prefer touching, and some men like to analyze female breasts. Thanks to the latter category of men, a classification of breast shapes was created. Sexologists claim that the shape of woman’s breast has a more significant influence on her character than her zodiac sign. Check out the following shapes of boobs proposed by Piero Lorenzoni and systematized by and figure out your woman’s character.

Women whose boobs resemble the shape of lemons are cheerful and want to live their life in their own way. They are good actresses, which means they easily adapt to new circumstances and play their role till the end. They are very loyal and sincere in a relationship.

The boobs of this kind are small, rounded, slightly looking away and resemble apples. Among the owners of this very shape, there is a big percentage of frigid women. So, you need to be diligent to make her orgasm. At the same time, she will do her best to please you. The main trait of women of apple-type is their constancy. They don’t want to change partners, so they get married at an early age. They are good wives and homemakers.

Typical signs of this breasts type are big nipples and triangular shape. Women can be characterized as independent and strong personalities with a strong will. However, they tend to act foolishly sometimes. A “Pear” is reasonably scandalous and able to lead men by the nose. In terms of marriage, these women make love fantastically and are not alien to perversion.

“Orange” boobs are round and of medium size. This shape indicates that a woman is not interested in the physical side of love. She is temperamental and purposeful. In terms of sex, she is uninhibited and can bring much pleasure to her partner. They are reliable partners in any sphere of life.

Bulging boobs resembling the shape of grapefruit could have symbolized the immense sexiness of their owner, but it’s the other way round. Such woman is shy and attached to one man. She values tenderness more than sex. The main trait is a pragmatic approach to everything. Among the shortcomings are the absence of a sense of measure, strong self-control, self-criticism. These women make good loving and tender wives and homemakers.

The owners of this type of boobs are peacemakers. These women are merciful and ready to give a helping help to anyone who needs it. In relation to the opposite sex, these ladies like to be pampered and praised, but they rarely like sex.

These small boobs don’t adjoin but face away and look provocative. The owners of this kind of boobs are cute and funny women. They get sexually aroused pretty easily. They are inventive and smart in bed. They make great life partners but sex is not a primary thing for them.

Small boobs that your hands can accommodate. Women having this shape of boobs are very sensitive. They never stop the self-improvement process. In bed, they are aimed at satisfying their sexual needs in the first place. They like to be the leaders and be first to show the initiative. They make really great lovers.


Wifey’s World House Sale Falls Apart Because of All the Sex!


Wifey and her husband who owns and stars in popular porn site Wifey’s World is trying to sell their $2.2 million Phoenix mansion, but when the buyer found out that the couple has been fucking all over that house, and its on tape, they bailed!

“I just can’t make Thanksgiving dinner on counters where a porn star has been lounging around,” Fein told the Republic. “I certainly believe there are people out there who wouldn’t care about the house being used for those purposes,” she told the paper. “I’m just not one of them.” Source

So, if you’re looking to buy a four-bedroom, three-and-a-half bathroom home with a built-in bar and stunning view of the Camelback Mountains and with jizz all over the kitchen counters.. I have a house for you!!


You Can Now get Pizza with Your Camgirls at CamSoda!


CamSoda has added a new feature to their site called RubGrub which lets you order a pizza with the click of a button! So, if you are hanging out, enjoying your favourite cam girls and you get hungry, all you gotta do is click a button and you will get a pizza delivered from Domino’s!

Basically, you set up payment info and what kind of pizza you want in advance and the idea is that after you have busted a nut you just click a button and 30min later you got yourself a pepperoni pizza! I love living in the future.

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New Owner Wants to End Playboy Magazine!?


After the death of Hugh Hefner, the Hefner estate sold off all their shares in Playboy magazine to a company called Rizvi Traverse Management LLC. Rizvi now wants to license out the Playboy brand to various companies rather than publish a magazine which is reportedly losing about $7 million per year. They also want stop creating original content, which means that after this year, we might never see an original Playmate every again.Source

Probably inevitable but still sad to see the iconic magazine go.