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Best Cam Sites For Big Boobs

Possibly the only thing that every man on the planet can unanimously agree on is that we all love a good pair of jugs! Athletic dudes, nerdy guys, hell, even gay guys love a handful of big boobs.

It’s a comforting thought to know that we can look past all of our differences to tremble in awe at the sight of a voluptuous chest. Ogling over a pair of nice jugs in real life is what we all want & need, but when times are hard, and no tangible females are within reach, where else could we possibly turn to?…

The internet, of course!

When everything else in our lives look grim, there’s always the option to load up our favorite cam site, and drool over some bodacious babes in real time! There is always the option of using porn sites or internet photos – if you just want to stare at a still image of a pair of boobs for a few hours, that is.

But for those among us who need to see the real thing, in real time via live chat/cam websites, it can be difficult to identify what the very best destinations are. This is especially true if you plan on spending money in order to get tokens for tipping the cam girls & models. If tipping and spoiling the models to get them to take off their shirts is your poison, you’ll want to find a site that gives the best bang for your buck.

And that’s exactly what we’re here to talk about – which cam sites offer the best service for the lowest price, you ask? Let’s take a look at a few of my favorites, shall we?

Jerkmate – The #1 Cam Site for Big Boob Admirers!


First up is a personal favorite of mine, one I’ve spent more time on that I care to mention… and while I have spent countless hours browsing through their assortment of gorgeous models, I’ve hardly had to spend any money at all to keep my experience feeling fresh & enjoyable! I’m talking of course, about Jerkmate.

If you’d like to look at some more in-depth information on this wonderful site, you can read this Jerkmate review to find out just what Jerkmate is all about. Also included are instructions on how you can go about signing up for their service, and how to purchase tokens to get the most out of your time spent on Jerkmate!

They’ve got thousands of models at your disposal who are just itching to take their shirts off for you. If you like a more personalized experience, you can talk them into entering private chat (which you’ll probably need tokens for) or cam 2 cam to get that one on one cam girl time that I know we all want more than anything.

Jerkmate also has an entire category dedicated to big boobs full of cam models with big ol’ titties.

One of my favorite things about jerkmate is that it’s 100% free to use, you’ll only ever have to fork over some cash if you feel the need to tip the lovely models. And if you want a glimpse of what’s hiding under their shirts… you may want to do so! The pricing options on their tokens are extremely cheap compared to other options (cough, Chaturbate, cough) and purchasing tokens even just one time gives you enough for plenty of tug-sessions to come!

Chaturbate – The Original Live Cam Destination


The runner up is none other than the world’s most popular live cam site and the one that all but began the hype around watching busty females take their shirts off in real time!

While Chaturbate does have an excellent platform with a massive variety of options, their prices often left my wallet empty…

Don’t get me wrong, Chaturbate is definitely a viable option if you don’t mind paying extra for their premium options… paying dearly, that is. Jerkmate seems to excel in every area where Chaturbate is lacking. That’s why Jerkmate remains my preferred destination for glaring at naked women for hours on end! It’s also why I think you should opt for them if you plan on spending any money in order to get the full live cam experience.

That being said, Chaturbate also has an entire category for big boobs. There’s plenty of models in this category to choose from. No shortage of big knockers here.


While there are plenty more options for places to look at big boobies in real time, I think these two sites are the only ones doing it right. Chaturbate more than delivers in variety & quality interface, but leaves much to be desired in terms of punishing your wallet.

If you want a quality cam site to stare at big boobs all day with, you’ll find no better option than Jerkmate. It’s got all the features that we know & love from sites like chaturbate but with much more reasonably priced premium options. It truly is your one stop shop for all your naughty desires!


Vibrator vs. Dildo: Which Is Better?


It can be so overwhelming really, what toy will do all that and then some more? Or maybe we just want our experience to be simpler and more effective. It does depend on the way you want to get to your moment really. In this article, we’ll discuss vibrators and dildos, so you can understand the pros and cons of both types of sex toys a little better.

The experience you want to create…


There is no easy answer really, because both vibrators and dildos can be successfully used solo or in tandem with a partner. The biggest question is, “What will work best for you?” And in essence, this truly depends on what feels great for your body (and your partner’s body too). The sensations and vibrations of a traditional vibrator offer more stimulation than that of a dildo. On the other hand, dildos allow the user to feel in complete control of the action, and it’s also more lifelike too. How to use a dildo can be described here, and how to use a vibrator can be researched here. So, let’s take a look at the vibrator and the dildo to help you decide on what your best bet is…

The things about vibrators are…


Historically, vibrators have been used since the late 1800s when a Dr. J. Mortimer Granville pioneered the vibrator in the 1880s, and it was then that this wonderful and mechanical invention was then patented. Originally, vibrators were used previously as a medical instrument, and here its monumental generator restricted the vibrator to having been a permanent installation in the doctor’s surgery only. Later, the device was exceptionally growing in popularity after its patent, especially with Victorian and Edwardian women who acquired them for personal use. In fact, these women enjoyed the benefits from the exclusive nature of the handheld device as a staple in the privacy of their own homes.

They’re definitely powerful, targeted at the clitoris and/or G-spot, might have heaps of settings and speeds, and also need a power source, which might be corded or not (in the case off battery operated toys). Some might charge at the socket and others may use USB, a relatively new technological advancement in recent years. Their size and feel might also be different, and women truly are spoiled for choice in the marketplace today.

Vibrators can be used in tandem with intercourse, as solo pleasure makers, or as excellent foreplay tools, and sometimes their power can be so full-on that it doesn’t feel as lifelike as penetration… and this is mostly because penises don’t vibrate, and for lesbians, neither do fingers or tongues, truthfully speaking.

The types of vibrators include: clitoral vibrators, G-spot vibrators, wand vibrators, and many more takes on these types in an array of colors and sizes too.

The humble dildo is…


Dated back to the Stone Age. In fact, archaeologists have attempted to conceive them quite vaguely as “ice age batons.” However, the new normal is gradually shifting toward the idea that these objects were more readily being used for sexual pleasure. In fact, the changing opinion is due to the fascinatingly-detailed nature of a few of the phalluses found in recent years. For example, some have retracted or totally absent foreskins, tattoos, piercings, and even scars to boot. With many being life-sized and obviously smooth with a definitive polished construction, well this has led many scholars to believe that these ancient phalluses were, in fact used as dildos for pleasure.

Dildos are handheld and are used internally for stimulation similar in assertion to copy or mimic the feeling of intercourse, which is done by the user or partner moving the dildo in and out of the vagina to create friction. In recent years, additional features have been added so that they look, feel and seem extremely lifelike and some people like black dildos, which have been gaining popularity in the last years. Some manufacturers even create skins or materials which give extra appeal and sensations too.

The popular types of dildos include: realistic dildos, suction cup dildos, double dildos, glass dildos, black dildos, small dildos, large dildos, inflatable dildos, and many, many more.

Comparing dildos with vibrators…


Why would you compare onions and tomatoes? Well, it’s the same for vibrators and dildos really, and they both have their own pros and cons, and it really depends on the ‘recipe’ you’re trying to achieve, or the type of experience you want to have with regard to your own tastes and preferences.

Many women love the intensity of the vibrator and so they know they’ll get to their moment most easily that way. But some women enjoy the lifelikeness of the dildo, because it helps to simulate the sexual encounter of real sex in their minds and in terms of feel too.

In truth, the best advice is to try them both and compare for them for yourself, because sometimes it’s really the only way to decide. Actually, some women like both equally and really enjoy changing it up every now and again. And remember too, it’s also a great way to turn on a partner if they like being adventurous with toy play! So get yourself a few different varieties and have fun exploring the magical world of vibrators and dildos. Why choose just one?

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Why People Use Live Sex Chats


People love sex. That’s just a fact. They love it and they want to have it as much as they possibly can. There’s nothing wrong with that, either. Sex feels good and people are hot. You should want to have sex with as many people as you can. Sometimes it’s just not possible, though. A lot of work has to go into it. That’s especially true if you rely on hooking up with people at the bar. You have to be able to impress the other person in the space of just a few minutes. You also have to catch them when they’re both interested in having sex with someone, and able to leave to make it happen. It’s just a lot of things that have to go right, just to have sex once, with one person. That’s why so many people turn to sex chats to have all the sex they could ever want.

You can do it all on a cam

These aren’t the old days of the sex cam world anymore. It’s far from it, actually. Technology has stepped in over and over again to make your time on cam as fulfilling as it could possibly be. It’s not just a matter of watching the other person on a low quality video feed anymore. Models have found ways to use the technology to the best of their ability. For instance, you can use technology to give your favorite cam model an orgasm that she can never forget.

Use interactive sex toys to make your model cum

Interactive sex toys can be found everywhere in the cam world now. They’re a main stay and they’re not going to be going anywhere anytime soon. They work just as simply as anyone could want them to. The model has a toy that she can use inside herself or on her pussy. It’s up to her and what she knows can make her feel good. It’s a vibrator that you can set off whenever you want. All it takes is sending a tip and you can control the toy all you want. You can set it off for as long as you want and as hard as you want. That means that her orgasms are always in your hand. That model is never going to turn her toy off. You can make her cum hard, or you can keep her on the edge for an hour. It’s always up to you and how you want to make her feel.

Talk to girls who are always ready for sex

The best thing about the girls you can find on cam is that you don’t have to get them ready for sex. They’re always ready for it. They crave it at all hours of the day. They only get on their cams when they’re horny and ready to cum. That’s because they know it’s the best place to have sex with someone without having to put in any effort. All they have to do is log on with their interactive sex toys and someone will be able to make them cum.

You can find any kind of girl you want

You’re never restricted in the kind of girls that you can find on a cam. They come from all over the world and have every look you can imagine. You can find the girl next door or a girl who looks like a super model. It’s always up to you and the type of girl you feel like having sex with on whatever day you want to have it.

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