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The Rise of the Nipple Tattoo

A set of gorgeously curvaceous breasts are something that no man can resist. After all, not only are they warm and wonderfully soft, but they look fantastic in any sort of lingerie or tight dress. It truly is a woman’s curves that makes her looks so appealing. However, did you know that some women are actually trying to increase the appeal of their breasts through the latest craze of “tittooing”?

What is Tittooing?

Women all over the country are currently updating their breasts with nipple tattoos. That’s right, whether they are cheap London Escorts or high-powered businesswomen, ladies everywhere are visiting their local tattoo shop in order to spruce up the appearance of their nipples. Some are interested in having their shape redefined or changed into a quirky shape.

Originally, the tattooing procedure was mostly used as a medical procedure for Cancer Survivors. It was used within breast reconstruction surgery in order to give the appearance of a 3D Nipple on the breast. However, nowadays, it is also used within cosmetic surgery in order to define the shape of the nipple. It can be used to enlarge or darken the surrounding areola. That way they can easily catch the eye with their colour and appear more symmetrical. Sexy symmetry is something that naturally appeals to a viewer, therefore it is not surprising that these women are trying to alter the shape of their nipples.

The Procedure

The Procedure itself is relatively fast and only takes around 2 hours to complete. Once the breast is numbed with local anaesthetic. The nipple is then tattooed with semi-permanent ink that blends the nipple colour with medical grade micropigments. That way the colour of the nipple is practically indistinguishable from the tattoo’s colouring.

Patients who want a tittoo can expect a cost of around £500-£1000. Just be warned that the colour may fade from the nipple after a while, so you may end up needing a top up of pigment!

What shapes are Available?

Whilst most will go for simply enhancing the natural shape and colours of their nipples, there are others who have decided to take it a step further and change their shape entirely. Some ask for hearts, others for diamonds. As for them, it is seen as an extension of their fashion. Whilst the tattooist will warn about the semi-permanence and painful removal procedure (if they decide they do not like it), overall it has been seen to raise the confidence of the “wearer”. Debbie Clifford, a permanent make-up artist from West Yorkshire, has said:

“It’s about confidence, just as a set of new eyebrows can give that extra boost, breasts are very feminine and to have them enhanced can give the client massive confidence and a defined nipple is sexier.”

At the end of the day, the process is another fashion trend and actually may be as a result of women striving to gain the perfect body. From major influences being magazines, TV and even Porn, it is not surprising that these tittoos are there to make a woman feel at her sexiest. That way even if she takes off her lingerie then she can feel like her body is full of sex appeal.

Are these Tittoos only for Women?

If you are interested in getting one of these tittoos, you will be happy to know that women are not the only ones who are getting them. Men, especially bodybuilders, are getting them to enhance the look of their areolas and pectorals. They are especially good if you are worried that your areolas are too pale and will not stand out against your skin colour. It is all about defining the nipple to make it stand out, making it the perfect thing if you want to take part in a competition that exposes your chest.

Important Information

Getting a Nipple Tittoo comes with its risks, just as getting a vajazzle and permanent power brow does. If you do not feel insecure about someone seeing your breasts during the procedure, then you should do what makes you happy. If getting a Tittoo makes you feel more confident about yourself then go for it! Just be sure to double check that the practitioner is completely trained and is registered by the council to carry out the procedure. If you notice any inflammation, purple nipples or breast problems after the treatment just be sure to reach out for medical assistance.

Enjoy your Tittoo!

Honestly, whilst the idea of having your nipple tittood may sound a little strange at the start, the results are extremely sexy and can provide the wearer with an extremely unique look. Not many of their partners will be expecting their nipples to be anything other than a circle, therefore it can truly make them stand out and memorable. So, enjoy getting your tittoo and find a shape that truly suits the beauty of your breasts.

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