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Watch the FULL Pornhub Awards!

The Kanye West produced Pornhub Awards happened a few nights ago, and it was hosted by a topless Asa Akira! I haven’t had time to watch it yet, so I can’t really comment, but here is the entire two-hour show!

I can reveal that Lena Paul won for Best Chest and Kendra Sunderland won for Nicest Tits. I don’t know what the difference between those two awards are but congrats to all the winners!

Pornhub Awards

CODENAME DIABLO – Action-Comedy with Huge Tits!

CODENAME DIABLO is an action-comedy that is a modern take on Russ Meyer’s classic movies starring the bustiest women in the world! This one is a 60s spy spoof with a Charlie’s Angels twist. Featuring Lilly_4K, Mary Madison Love and Martina Big, CODENAME: DIABLO’s spy ladies are ready to take on the bad guys in their shiny latex outfits.

Fore more info and purchase the movie: CLICK HERE


Codename Diablo

Topless Prank Girl Alina Buryachenko!

I think legendary boob prankster Lidiya Krasnoruzheva is retired, but that doesn’t mean the pranks have stopped. Here’s a compilation video featuring Alina Buryachenko doing pranks for the same show, and she has a pretty impressive rack of her own. They almost seem to perky to be real?


Have you guys heard of eighty83three? They are a group of hot Australian chicks who got “famous” online for making prank videos. They especially got known for their pussy slap prank:

And now they are YouTube stars with a whole crew following them around and stuff. It’s pretty fun. Here’s a compilation video with more pranks:

Girls in Camouflage Body Paint!

Fun behind the scenes video of busty girls Dylan Daniels, Elena Cole, Molly Cavalli and Natalie Nice getting painted with camouflage body paint! This is from an old We Live Together porn episode called Cammo Coochies, but I don’t think that episode has the behind the scenes stuff.

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