Boobie Blog’s Boobie Battle – British Babes

Ive had some computer issues which has stalled the Boobie Blog updates. Everything will be back to normal tomorrow. On to the Boobie Battle! Sophie Howard and Gemma Atkinson had a furious battle on who would move on to the final four. Nipples were flying and the battle was close all week but a winner had to be determined and Sophie Howard was victorious. Sophie got 1507 votes or 54% and Gemma got 1273 or 46%. Sophie Howard moves on!

Only four pair of boobs remain and the battle only get bloodier from here! Lucy Pinder the favourite takes on her model buddy Michelle Marsh. Cast your votes, the winner will move on to the final! More Lucy pics here and more Michelle pics here

Round 3: FIGHT!


Lucy Pinder vs. Michelle Marsh

Boobie Battle

11 comments on “Boobie Blog’s Boobie Battle – British Babes”

  1. Master Orion says:

    I thought the battle would be even tighter (no sexual connotatin intended!! lol) but then realized how many people voted in total. C’mon people, get beind (or into) your favorite pair of boobs!!

  2. anzsidsejgf says:

    Whoever wins this, will surely win the entire competition. Seriously, this should have been in the finals, not semis.

  3. stoopid says:

    dude, no one cares about a “boob battle” and if you do, you’re a loser with a skinny penis. why dont you put things up there that people will actually care about.

  4. Kahnman says:

    Love them both but in the style of the Academy Awards, I have to vote Michelle based on first boob exposure and lifetime achievement. Sorry Luc…

  5. Drendar says:

    Looks like Lucy Pinder is gonna ‘roll’ Michelle Marsh 70-30

    Too bad.

    I think this was somewhat intentional to end the Keeley vs. Lucy debate.

    You have to figure, Lucy has the bigger Fanbase, so she would win her side of the “Conference” while Keeley has arguably the BIGGEST fanbase so she would win her side.

    Keeley is going to be set against Sophie Howard, I’d bet half the western world that Keeley will win that one.

    This contest was set for Keeley vs. Lucy from the very beginning.

  6. vinch says:

    please not michelle!!!

  7. crispy says:

    I called Lucy vs. Keeley MONTHS ago when this all started. You can go back in the comments and check. Keeley is going to win although Lucy is my girl.

  8. crispy says:

    Also, who is the girl in the banner ad up top? She is pretty hawt.

  9. raziacherry says:

    michelle’s are big in an obnoxious sort of way but lucy’s are such friendly puppies.
    also i guess the better nipples here will win this one and that obviously is lucy

  10. jt says:

    I don’t know. I guess I have a thing for blondes and I love marshy’s nipples

  11. Andreas says:

    Michelle should win this. Lucy has great boobs but Michelle is the compass, she is the definition of perfect breasts. I love the size, shape and nipples. Her boobs sit perfect.

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