6 comments on “Ava Addams getting Oiled and Massaged!”

  1. Gonzo says:

    Those are the BEST fake tits in the world! God she is hot.

  2. Bossman says:

    Gonzo: I couldn’t agree more. This is how all fake boobs should be. They enhance an already near perfect body and don’t distract with scars or weird folds.

  3. Georgia97 says:

    You know they’ve reached maximum density when they go to covering up with corsets. Don’t believe me just compare Tiffany Mynx, Nina Hartley, Briana Banks, etc at the end of their careers. Always covered up the gut.

  4. TheaQueen says:

    The reason for her perfect fake boobs is because she used to have big natural tits. That’s why it doesn’t look like it’s bolted on.

  5. titsorgtfo says:

    Ava is on my top 2 Milf list. she´s so fucking hot, into most things on my checklist of a pornstar.

  6. mikeroyne says:

    what a perfect slut goddess. this woman is so wonderfully built for pleasure, they only thing wrong with her is that she isn’t currently at my house

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