Alexandra Daddario’s Cleavage at the Golden Globes After Party!

I was going to ignore the Golden Globes this year, because all the celebs were wearing black, and I find it to be shallow, vapid and hypocritical for a bunch of “stars” to speak out now when they’ve all been silent for years. And, how many of them have willingly played along with the creeps to get where they are at? Something really gross and disingenuous about the whole thing, but hey.. they are actresses and acting is what they do.

Anyway, I like Alexandra Daddario and I like her boobs even if she’s dressed them up in disingenuous black!

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9 comments on “Alexandra Daddario’s Cleavage at the Golden Globes After Party!”

  1. Deewok says:

    Not blowing smoke up your erse? But you nailed it.
    On top of that, how many there wearing black are guilty of harrasement and crimes themselves?
    All self serving bilge and hypocrisy

  2. southsidestu says:

    What a load of shit, guilty of harassment and crimes themselves, vapid and hypocritical to speak out now. How dense can you be?

    Why wouldn’t an actress speak out against one of the most if not the most powerful producer in Hollywood? Uh DUUUUUUUUUH !!! Come on, if you’re going to come to the defence of people who are being accused by multiple woman in some cases 30 you’re gonna have to come up with something better than this pathetic weak ass drivel to convince anyone with an IQ above single digits

    1. jume4 says:

      And actresses like Angelina Jolie, – rich, famous, with powerful friends and a huge fan base – couldn’t have dared speaking out against Weinstein?
      Yes, a number of aspiring actresses fell victim to a heinous crime and I hope someone shanks W. in prison over it. But it’s quite clear that quite a few actresses simply jumped on the bandwagon for attention’s sake, or to distort that they were willingly sitting on the “casting couch”. And let’s not forget broads like Meryl Streep neither, who covered W. simply because he made his donations on her side of the aisle.

  3. Corpse Paint says:

    It’s a waste of energy to be upset about a thing that could have been prevented in the past. It can be difficult to speak up about a dangerous topic when nobody else is doing it. Can we all be mad that slavery was allowed for so long in the U.S.? Sounds ridiculous, right?

    Just be happy that things are heading in the right direction.

  4. southsidestu says:

    jume4 when it comes to powerful actresses speaking out on the behalf of others there is such a thing a liable, if they cant name an accuser on the accusers behalf it will not be taken seriously and they would be subject to a lawsuit and if they did name them then those actresses would have their careers destroyed all the same

    And it’s not always been actresses at the very start of their career. Peter Jackson revealed that when he enquired about Mira Sorvino and Ashley Judd who were not megastars like Jolie but were well known names at the time, he was warned off them because they were said to be difficult but in actual fact that that was Weinstein lying because he had rejected their advances. We haven’t heard much from either of them in years so it certainly works, when the Jackson story broke Sorvino tweeted that she had always suspected that this was the case and when she saw Jackson’s words she burst into tears, her career had been destroyed because she wouldn’t submit to Weinstein

  5. Deewok says:

    Southsidestu….where were all these people speaking out years ago?
    Why didnt they stop these monsters when they knew their colleagues were being raped or molested?
    Cos if you think they didnt know…
    No..they were bothered about their own careers, nothing more.
    So yes, I do think its hypocrisy.
    They sat there and allowed young girl or even young man after another go through more abuse.
    Now that OTHERS have spoken they all jump om the bandwagon and show ‘solidarity ‘.
    Absoluete bullshit.
    You think its great, your call.
    Its like me knowing an active peado but doing nothing as he claims victim after victim and doing nought till it all comes out. Pathetic
    Nothing more
    Sums up Hollwood and those in.
    All self serving

  6. Deewok says:

    And PS
    My IQ crawled in double digits.
    Thanks anyway 😘🤘

  7. southsidestu says:

    Again there is such a thing as liable, i’m guessing your average paedo does not have the hundreds of millions at his disposal as Weinstein does

    It should be noted that Weinstein over the years had paid numerous settlements over allegations and then used his top lawyers to get a superinjunction that prevented public disclosure of these settlements. Can your paedo afford to pay numerous multi-million dollar settlements to avoid going to court then pay millions more to silence the “free press” and completely cover up his tracks

    Your equivalency between one of the most powerful men in media and an average paedophile is so pathetically false it’s embarrassing, you might as well attack the extras in X-Men who let Magneto get away with his crimes because you tackled a mugger in the street that one time

  8. mds_z71 says:

    So anyway, her boobs look great. Not a fan of the lipstick though.

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