7 comments on “Korina Kova Flashing in the Snow!”

  1. JokelSchorsch says:

    The Tag fake boobs is weong here!

    1. Niklas says:


  2. Jimmy says:

    Watch out, she sends out site wide DMCA’s for her content and really fucks up ranking for webmasters. She did this for all her content.

  3. JokelSchorsch says:

    I mean wrong.
    You should stop tag girls with fake boobs, they don’t have them.

  4. Don P says:

    Tell him Nik! He should shut up about the stupid ass tags. Obviously he’s the only asshole on the planet who gives a fuck. Should probably go to Freeones and start bitching about all the ones they got “weong”.

  5. mikeroyne says:

    if liking those awesome fake titties is weong then i don’t wanna be reaight

  6. Iamking says:

    Straight wifey material!

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